Friday, November 13, 2009

school criteria: don't call him Aidang!

His teacher gave one red folder compiling all his works that he had done throughout the year. I had a long look on the drawing and couldn't figure out what was it all about. I asked him.. wittingly he answered "Aidan draw beach.. ".. and he explained further.. The blue line is the ocean, the red is the sand, the yellow is the sun, the blue is the cloud and it is raining, the brown is the tree... the drawing is complete. He is only four this coming December.. Early this year, it took me three months to find an o-kay school for him to go to. It wasn't easy.. For the first three years of his life, he was with his sitter, Mak Wan, and he was looking forward excitedly to go to school when I throw him that idea. I told him when he was three that he needed to be potty-trained if he wanted to go to school.. and it took determination and one month for him to be potty-trained.
I was scouting for good school in  Kemaman. His name is Aidan, and if possible, I would like him to go to a school where the teacher can correctly pronounce his name as Aidan instead of Aidang! It is very vain of me.. hey, I'm a "Classy Chic" and I need to maintain that. I was born and breed in KL - the KL chic - and when now and then people find out that I'm in Kemaman, I'm sure the next question that crossed in their mine "what the heck she is doing there? can she survived?".. okay.. that would be a different chat session.. as for now, i want to write more about my lovely elder son..

So, in March, I found this one Montesorri school.. costing me an annual fees of RM1,700 (even when he started in March rather than January) and a monthly fee of RM250 (even when he surely missed a lot of his Sunday class because Mama decided to have an extra hour of sleep, and he missed few weeks of school when Mama need to travel to KL for work) is quite expensive for a school in Kemamang... somehow, I just thought this is best for him.. and he loves when he knew he finally going to school. The school fits my criteria.. he will have Pak-De to bring him back from school to the sitter's house riding trishaw - interesting huh.. Everybody in KL was laughing cynically when I told them Aidan ride on a trishaw from his school to Mak Wan's. And that cost me RM50.. Not because he fix the charges, I just don't have a heart to give less when I knew Aidan is well taken care of.

The school is ok.. Not that I have much choices. Aidan best friend's is Haikal.. and the teacher told me Alia, the 6-year-old student always like to take care of him.. which end up, everybody was teasing him having a girlfriend named Alia...He sometimes shy away when we mentioned Alia, but he sometimes smiles and feel good about it.

There was one time, while watching cartoon at night, he blurt out that he was 'caned' by the teacher.. I was surprised... Not that I was mad at the teacher, but that was not like Aidan. He normally told me Danish got caned, Ming Shuen got caned and most of the boys in his school... but never him...It took me hours intergorating him asking why was he been caned? Only when I threat him that I'll asked his teacher, he told me that he was talking while the teacher was teaching... Remembering that, I was proud of him.. He didn't tell me it was anybody fault, he took it as a gentle-boy..

My boy, he grew up fast.. He learned his one-two-three. He still have difficulties counting satu-dua-tiga. He picking up on his ABCs. He'll be going to school again next year.. don't ask me where as I'm yet to decide where will I be next year... Still living in this small town of Kemamang, or perhaps back to KL (still hoping since the day I decided to move here..)... or might even be Brazil.. chewah..

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