Tuesday, December 29, 2009

say what?

i'm writing this blog in RED.. i should be writing this blog yesterday, or last sunday, to be exact.. i was mad back then.. and a wise guy told me, never writes when you are in anger.. and so, i'm writing today.. i've mellowed down, but whenever i think of it, i'm still mad.. blardy hell..

well, the MPAJ has allocated a budget to tar all the roads at our housing area.. good move.. at least there's why the money that my dad paid for the tax.. if not all, partly.. but what made me pissed off was that.. these group of people, working through christmas holidays and weekends.. and yet they came to us, the house owners... asking if we would like to tar our front porch... hmm.. the area of, i'm not good at measurement, but the area is small.. could hardly fits half of kancil.. and if we were to tar the porch, we need to pay RM200.. WTF.. and now, that made me wonder.. is the tar they are using are supposed to be in the MPAJ budget? is the time they are using to tar the additional porches are supposed to be the time they finish the tarring of the roads?.. and as they've been tarring the road for the past few days, i'm wondering, where is the MPAJ authorities? why isn't any of their officer there, to monitor the contractor if they are really following what was bound in the contract? .. i tried logging in the MPAJ site.. i wanted to ask if MPAJ is aware about this RM200 services, and if they can assured that the RM200 service is not a free-ride from what is bound in the contract... until today, MPAJ website supposed to email me my new password as i've reset the old one.. and i'm still waiting for the new password.. after 24 hours!.. i guess i'm a bit pissed, but i can make do of that.. guess i should pick up the phone and see what happened next..

that is about the MPAJ..

and then, i got my bonus slip.. it was a handsome sum (agghh.. i always wanted to use the word 'handome').. and then, at the deduction column.. amounting to nearing a month of my salary.. half of it goes to the EPF..ok... and another half is to the tax deduction..

and i'm wondering..

two years ago, i planned to have this great labour, with my husband around (he missed it the first time), in this great private hospital in KL.. and yet, God is Great.. i was four weeks early.. a day late after my hubby went to offshore.. and the nearest fastest hospital around to treat me was Hospital Kemaman.. and all other was history!.. i always wish anybody who was evil to me (esp to those who didn't bother to visit me at the hospital even when they could!) will face the same 'experience' i was facing at that government hospital.. i'm not going to tell what happened, but, these nurses and even the doctors.. their salaries were paid by me, the taxpayer.. and yet, they treat me like i'm no human.. another suitable phrase .. WTF.. and after two years, i'm still paying the tax..

my 'encounters' with the PDRM is another interesting stories.. i won't elobrate much.. i might even been called up and arrested under ISA if I do.. but it was bad, and yet me, my hubby, my sis, my cousins, my friends and everybody still need to pay the tax so that we can pay the government servants and still the service sucks big time!

and the list goes on, i'm sure..

and i'm wondering..... feels like swearing... cilako!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

the GIANT mama

my best friend, who will remain anonymous for now, was telling me that she is fat.. and you know that would be one of the must-talk topic that girls talked about when they are with their girlfriends...

and as another bff of mine would have told her straight to her face.. if that friend of us is fat, she would definitely be a giant...

so, here's the story.. she was always a small-built, underweight BMI mesurement, petite kind-of girl. at school, she would definitely be in the front line when queing. then, like all other girls.. she was in love, got married, and suddenly she was in labour.. twice.. and today, she was told that she is fat.. trying to swallow that statement with all the pride that she has, spitting it out among her girlfriends.. she still wonder if she is really fat..

she've been reminding herself over and over and over again that she won't take God's gift of her being petite for granted..neither that she could compromise with being fat and giving the opportunity for her hubby to scout for a petite lady that she 'used-to' be.. and there's nothing wrong for her to think such way.. so that she won't be too complacent..

thinking back - she deserves to be given a chance to allow herself from being underweight BMI measurement to normal average weight. she is no longer the teenager she used to be. she is in birth-control tri-monthly jab and she tried controlling her food intake. she supposed to gain weight, by nature. and of course, this is not happening to her hubby and hence he can say what he have said. but, is she sinning for being 'fat'?

Thursday, December 10, 2009

o, come on..

we happen to live long enough in this world that i bet we definitely has 'bumped' into a character 'the drama queen'.. we might be lucky enough to just laugh and ignore this 'diva'.. or we just have no choice but to bear with her whenever she's around..

she, sometimes get into my nerves (and she can just ignore my wat-r-u-talking'-bout face). she, most of the times make me laugh out loud (and not because she is funny). she, often make me think how ridiculous a person can be (and she can really be). she, definitely be my favourite topic to talk about with my good (and even not-so-good) friends.

she speaks in her native and yet she felt ashamed to hear it coming from her kid. she dreamt of a fancy party, just because i had one,  and locked the date so that neither her nor me could attend to either parties. she spend her money, not wisely, and so proud that she can do that. she busy herself caring so much about what my siblings are up to. she talk about people just and simply deny her words with her acts. she is so silly and i don't know why it bug me so much as it is her life and not mine.

but i guess, she is so much of a drama queen. a pinch salt will increase her blood pressure. a no-signal will ask her to eye for new phone. a toy must come from toys r us. and if i should proceed with the list, she will know i am talking about her.

she maintains her reputation. she portrays the good wife when all she is, the shrew. she backstabs and acts like she is not in a wrong. she tells fairy-tales, directing all the sympathies and attentions that people can spare on.

and as my only choice is to ignore, but i can't, and i hope i could... therefore, i pray hard.. i pray so that she found one drama queen like her, and she just have no choice but to stick by.. let her taste her own medicine.

maybe, to her, i am that drama queen.. mind you, i'm a drama queen with class. 

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

am mumbling...

i have so many things to chat about.. and yet, i'm filtering the subject, just because...

i wonder if i should chat about the weather... the rainy stormy weather in the East..which end up me sending the clothes to the laundry and cost me (..my hubby, actually) 40 bucks.

i wonder if i should chat about how sleepy i am now .. poor little aimar was having fever, and he could hardly sleep.. and i'm sure many will agree that if your kids are sick, you'll be 'sick' too.. if not physically, you'll be sick, mentally and emotionally..

i wonder if i should chat about the december party .. am half-way there with the preps.. but sometime it annoys me when 'people' thinks what i was doing was 'crap' just because the colours did not match  the scheme.. WTF.. am working while crafting, what have you been doing?

i wonder if i should chat about how 'disturbed' i was when i went to the airport with the boys and to find out after a tasteless expensive laksa, after a chase-aimar drama, after two hours wondering that i've mixed up with the flight schedule that i was 24 hours early than i've expected... aiyyooo... 

i wonder if i should chat about how we, women, cannot trust men.. no matter what, no matter how.. by all means, my hubby agrees with that.. not that he is representing a cheating hubby (ehem, i hope).. but, he said, so that the wife doesn't take things for granted.. 

i wonder if should chat about how can i expressed the truth i'm feeling about how irresponsible i felt about this good friend of mine?

i wonder if should chat about about a person i happen to know who thinks the world rotates around her and diet is not in her dictionary and hence she can tell everybody how fat i am (and i am not).. and frankly, when the statement came from her, i shouldn't give a damn about it.. but she is worst than annoying freak..how can i stand that?

i wonder if i should chat about another person i knew who thinks she is not contributing anything and the funny thing is that it is not her that worries about her contribution-less, but the taiko himself raised his concern about this non-contributing girl.. the taiko thinks she's too overloaded and not that she is not contributing (how contradicts is that?).. the taiko worried she would leave.. and i wonder if i should tell her, if you want to leave, what is stopping you? just leave..

i wonder if i should chat about how surprised i was to find out how depressed my good friend was and she managed to hide it with all her laughters, smiles and jokes.. how can i be so blur? and i am partly to be blame for not being sensitive enough with my surroundings..

i wonder if should chat about how impressed i was at my mum's negotiation skill. we went to zang toi's over the weekend, and as expected, nice available clothes will definitely came from non-discounted rail.. and yet, she managed to convince the seller, with 25% off .. if it was me, i'll just buy because it was a nice shirt and who would dare to ask discount from designer's shop?.. but still, i saved 25% of the purchase..

i wonder if i should chat about how weird i felt when someone suddenly came up with an event that clashed with my pre-arranged schedule and they knew it.. they just don't want me to be there, i guess

i wonder if i should chat about how eagerly excited i am to wait for the karaoke session i am planning to go next week..

ahh.. back to reality.. my work is piling up, my motherly assignment is half way there, bits and pieces.. i guess, i'll just chat about real things when the time is right, the ideas are perfect and when i'm convinced that the readers who are reading my chats are clueless about who and what and where and when and how..penning off...


Friday, December 4, 2009

sweet thought

genuine smile carved on my face when i read the message on my FB wall .. the answer that marsya wrote on the interview...

coming from a ten-year-old girl, the answer is 'soothing', true and unadulterated... and she made me realised, been a while since i've been thankful to what i've been blessed with.. i always want to be rich, i always hope that i can just stop working, no need to worry about my monthly debts with the banks, i always wish i can own that RM25mil mansion and drive the ferrari or messarati or whatever car that i could hardly pronounced their names... and i definitely think i need to get that real Coach from Pavillion.. and i don't have to be rich to get the bag..

and when this girl sincerely answered the question in such a way.. while she can have thousand one different answers... i smiled.. and still smiling.. i'm a good friend with her mum, but i rarely spend time with her and her answer is purely one first-impression basis.. and i'm not blogging this to brag that i'm rich.. i know and you can guess that i am not rich.. it cheers me up to read the statement.. even, it was coming from a kid (and believe me when i say she is a smart kid..)

again, i guess, as a human being, we keep forgetting.. and as Kak Intan (the kids's mother) would keep telling me, we are greedy.. we always see the greener field at the other side, we forget that the field we are on is not bad at all.. those people on the other side wish they were here.. 

to dear Marsya,thanks for reminding me.. well, i was not the first, but i can settle with the second richest you'll ever seen.. thank you.