Thursday, July 28, 2011


the harimau malaya is fighting against the lions later this evening. well. am not into football, but then again, with the FB shoutouts, the huha in the radio, the everything about we gonna qualify for the pre-qua stage, am suddenly so can't wait for the game tonight!

well, i'm not so into football. i didn't even know what offside was, and i agreed with my girlfriends if we were to watch the footies, it would merely because we wanted to satisfy our animal female instinct enjoying that delicious yummy footballers.. and that's it..

but somehow, my mum was always a sports fan (she can even enjoy watching that lawn-bowl if her team is playing!).. so, whenever there were game, especially m'sia is on the card, she'll watch. and then, we got no choice but to watch rather than wandering what she was screaming about..

then, earlier this year, the harimau malaya team been performing well..with the AFC.. and of course i still wonder is Mat Yo really tonggek or he's been trying hard to look 'that' tonggek in the field.. and Apek is a fantastic keeper.. his eyes has always been on the ball, no others.. and safiq is not bad. of course that zakuan boy mmg undeniable comel. and safee was good striker. and so, the team is worth the time to spend on!

prayers and lucks for them tonight. that 2nd keeper suck and had let go five goals during the first leg in s'pore.. but, we were not bad with three goals.. so, go harimau malaya..

as they all been singing "in the jungle, the might jungle, the Lion sleeps tonight".. we are all in for the win!

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