Thursday, July 28, 2011

kesian itu budak

not that i care so much, especially on celebrities' life & lifestyle.. somehow, i felt like expressing my opinion on this Jimmy Shanley's issue.. from what i gathered, he was having a marriage issues, ten days after they were married. somehow, within the ten days, he still managed to get his newly-wed wife pregnant.. bravo! it took seven months for my hub & me.. anyway, we were on weekend couples on our early marriage life, so, ok la tujuh bulan tu :)

and now, the wife has given birth to beautiful zahrah shanley, macam2 lak citer...
all this while, Jimmy, been showing to the media he sufferred.. the wife hates him and don't want him to be involved with the pregnancy. well, the wife, coming from orang kaya punya background, didn't say much during the pregnancy. then, bila dah beranak, baru nak bersuara. die ckp jimmy was an abusive hub, which jimmy did not deny being 'abusive' (in what sense tak tau la kan).. then, ada lak ura2 saying that jimmy is a sex-maniac, and even requested his wife to perform sexual acts not like other would ask! then, today, i read an article, the cukur jambul event of the newborn, canteek and very very posh and rich. and no jimmy, the father.

again, i'm not into celebrity, much about their sex life. but somehow, these people have bought an insan to this world.. a beautiful pretty baby. as much as they don't want to comment and talk about in the media, the media will keep on looking for the news. and the news written were intepreted, the way the reporter intepreted them! and the only victim is that little tiny princess who hasn't got a clue on what becomes her!

i don't understand. i really don't. 

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