Monday, August 1, 2011

me - fasting :)

i'm counting hours! not because i'm hungry.. my head had been thumping for the past two hours.. yet, to my surprise, i wasn't hungry as much i thought i would be! fasting and being pregnant was not as hard as i thought.. though this wasn't my first time... it's all goes back to the intention! i intend to fast thru out the month, so i don't have to pay-back the time i missed, insyaallah.

as of now, another half hour for me to clock out from the office.. demm, i'm sleepy. lack of sugar definitely be the reason me being so lightheaded and just wish i could lie down.. definitely would be lying down in half hour time!

one thing that i realized today is that i'm admitting most of my emotional tantrums are due to my hormone. i still hate that blardy aunt of mine. i still dissatisfied with my sis. i still couldn't agree with my cousin being so nice just because she said she has her own pride. i still am very annoyed with that bengong statement from my SIL that she has to reschedule the dinner because she needed to attend to my parent's 'need' .. and i still am..

but then again, the hormone is the major catalyst!

and talking about fasting, though aidan is six and we can start training him to fast, my intention is just to train him over the weekend. somehow, i called him this afternoon, and he told me "aidan try puase, mama".. since most of his classmates were fasting, he decided to fast too.. and i couldn't be so much happier than a mother could be :) 

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