Monday, September 12, 2011

nearing the time

been a while since my last post.. yup, bit tied up with things at work. plus the heavy load am carrying with me on my belly. and not much to write about things also contributes to the reason of the silence..

anyway, i'm on my 37th week of my journey to deliver my baby in the belly. i was on my 37th week when i celebrated my firstborn-aidan, and aimar came up earlier at merely 35th week and was so tiny and fragile when he came to the world. by right, i should be on stand-by mode 24-7.. i had a 'panic' attack last friday.. i really thought that i'm going into labour sooner. the contraction that i've been feeling for every two hours turned out to be a fake one.. which i was glad. as much as i want this labour to be over as soon as possible, i don't want it to be happened last friday, or even now.. baby HAS to wait.. at least until the 16th.. nope, i'm not that patriotic that i want my baby to be born on Msian's day.. point is, my hubby will only be able to be release from offshore on the 16th, and he'll be travelling back to kl in the morning.. hopefully, should there be no delays, he'll be in klia by noon the 16th.. and if only i were to give birth, we should wait two three hours after that, hopefully.. and to add matters worst, my gynae is now in milan, and will only be back on the 15th.. a friend told me, 'this is the difficulties you'd faced dealing with celebrities doctors!'.. so, with no hubby and gynae, i'm living in denial as much as i could to ensure i'm not into labour.. not after the 16th...

mr hubby missed the two labours i went through, and he better make sure he don't miss this one! with me getting 'older' every seconds, and my body not helping much, i might take a loooonnnnggg break for going through another horrific pregnancy!

my pregnancy, in general, was nothing new. on the 12th week, i checked myself in to the emergency ward in prince court, while my parents were taking care my son on the peadiatric ward and hubby was all the way in brazil's offshore. of course, the doctor in-charged and the nurses were so confused to see mee all alone and so weak.. but i was so weak and they just didn't have the gut to ask much.. that was the first time, and i visited the wards few times after that.. hyper-nemesis, they called it! excessive vomitting...

and i never stopped vomitting even on my second and third trimester.. it was normal to my body and as i would say "aku pasrah".

i still vomitted last week.. with headache and backpains.. one interesting thing happened during the pregnancy was muscle pulled.. in my entire life, i never knew how it felt.. sports (since the world don't consider resting on the bed is an event), was never on my plate.. so, i never knew how muscle pull should feels like.. but, there was one night, as i was sleeping, my leg felt cramped and 'gone' elsewhere.. i was screaming, and sad thing was my hubby was not around at that time!

so, i'm counting days.. and praying hard that mr hubby will be just in time when we are ready to deliver the baby. insyaallah.