Sunday, October 16, 2011


it's not difficult.. but it's hardwork! being a mother it is...

my sis, first-time mother, is struggling to be just a plain simple mother.. after the labour, she've decided that would be her first and last!! of course that was the first-hand labour pains talking!.. few hours after that, as she's determined to breastfeed her baby, her baby seems to refuse her. my sis even decided to give up breastfeeding after one week.. but her 'ego' stucked by.. she kept pumping her milk, hoping it would stop so she has valid reason to let her baby starts on formula. to add to the challanges, her baby would cry every night until the sun is ready to set.. her baby cried out loud. and to her inferiority, my baby aivey, could hardly shed tears.. all aivey does every day every night is sleep... and baby iris is the opposite of aivey!!

my sis, though seems to be strong.. not really strong at the end. this evening, it was the third time i saw her ignoring her baby and she just stayed in the bed, as if everything's fine! she really did.. and i was worried for her.

i just wish she is stronger than she thought she is.. being a mother is not difficult.. it's just hard work.. mentally, physically, emotionally.. of course some part of me is mad at her. how could she be so selfish.. but another part of me sympathised.. she just have to learn to be just a plain mother.

talking about post-partum depression huh? did i get the term correctly?

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