Monday, November 21, 2011


yesterday, love is an easy game to play
now i need a place to hide away
o, i believe in yesterday
the music been humming in my mind, and writing the lines seems like am singing out loud.

there were yesterdays that i longed to stay on. the yesterdays when i proudly presented my good exam results to my dad. the yesterdays when i heard the "i love you'"s from those who adored me. the yesterdays when i realized i found him. the yesterdays when we were together. the yesterdays when i was expecting. the yesterdays when my precious own flesh and blood arrived to the world.. and many more yesterdays. 

but then again, there were yesterdays that i just want to it to never come and stay. like if i'm writing this note tomorrow.. i just want to erase tomorrow's yesterday! it sucked big time!if only i can find a place to hide away!

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