Thursday, March 8, 2012

hey ladies

it's the international women's day and we should celebrate!i doubt that there's any men's day, is there? well, maybe the day was invented by women to women.. who give a heck.
do you know it's not easy being a woman?

when you were a baby, you were dolled up from head to toe while your little brother can only settled with just plain shirt and shorts. 
when you were in primary school, you were introduced to extra tuition classess, piano lessons, ballet and others while your other male siblings can just abandon their mandatory school homework and still no issues!
when you went to high school, you were supposed not to tell that senior that you liked him very much.. nope, girls don't do that. 
you went to university and still all alone because you can't confess your love to the guy you adore.. it's a no-no. 

then, you become a wife. you were supposed to be obidient to your hubby. and sometimes, your hubby forgotten that you are also a daughter and a sister. all he knew, i've got a wife!

you were a daughter, a sister, a cousin, a girlfriend, a wife.. and next a mother. there you goes. tell me if i'm wrong, but when it comes to nagging, that will always be a mom's job. end up, the kids favoured their dad more than mom. but, out of sudden, there's something got into their eyes, first thing they would shout "mom, help me!".. classic.. 

if i were to be a boy or a girl, which one will be my option? 

i will definitely won't change a thing. i'm fine, alhamdullilah..

girls, sometimes we give too little credit to what we've done. we deserves better. 

happy women's day..xoxoxo    

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