Wednesday, March 14, 2012


resorting to just posting a blog with regards to what i want to voice out is not the best fit solution.. i wish i could just stormed in that managers' room and asked, why? why? why?...

but i guess, who cares?
it's a sad fact. being in the organisation, i'm sure that part of its success story was contributed by high spirit, inspiritional, well-minded top manangement.. but, today, i proved myself that my assumption was merely an assumption and it saddened me!

after so many resources - manpower, money, time - being wasted, all they came out with is just change of section / department names and few movement here and there... functionally, 80% of us will still stuck with what we were supposed to!... am i mad? hell ya i am... stupidity can really kills you! when they can change for betterment, they decided to just change so that they can tell everybody we did change.. end result? kaput? na-da.. who give a heck! and why am i mad? again,  stupidity can really kills you!

obviously, to reach the developed mindset is waaaaaay beyond our capability. at least for now, that's how i can perceived.. tell me if i'm wrong!


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