Monday, July 16, 2012

boys will be boys

i, for once, can never understand the other gender.

now that the boys are growing up and were soooo into football, they will just kick anything their feet can reach and kick! always end up with a yelling momma telling them to stop kicking the bottles!
i hang out with them yesterday. the club they were playing football over weekends, and nope, they are not excellent pun, but okay la - they can kick hard, they can run fast, they tackle, and they speak the football languange, defeng, midfield, striker bla bla bla. yesterday, they were having friendly match in malacca. three buses! yup, full three buses were transporting the boys, team below 8,10, 12 and 14. can you imagine the adrenaline these boys combined?? i can't. the coaches were screaming, yelling and even insulting. i doubt that girls will be as tuff as them. and yet, despites the scolds, they still listen to their coaches. some was giving a sympathy look to get the coach go a-head to play in the game. aimar was literally hugging the coach and i was far away to avoid eye contacts with these hopeful ambitious boys. at the end, they all had their game, well-played.
i saw them insulting each other, and also so them helping other tying the laces.
i saw them screaming vulgar words, and the same them helping the little brothers who need to go to the toilet.
when aidan was ignoring aimar, i saw some who was accompanying aimar.
and i know, as much as aidan just didn't bother about his brother, when he needs to play the big bro role, he will, in time.

this other gender, they suck in showing emotion. they were so harsh with each other. they were so violent and found it funny mocking others.

but of course, once a while, they'll remind themselves that there's more to life. they can appreciate friends that been insulted them coz it takes two to tango. in the end, after a decade departing for each other, they bump into that guy in a coffeeshop, they can still sit in one table, and have a conversation with each other as if the last time they saw was 24 hours ago. impressive huh!

anyway, yesterday, in that field, i saw my two boys, growing up, blending, failing and still having fun :)

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