Sunday, September 9, 2012

all i want

what a woman wants? men find it difficult to get an answer to that question. we women want a pandora which is classy but also gold bracellet which is a lifetime investment. we women want that jimmy choo shoe that cost three month of our hubby's salary and that is during sale but we can also make do of just the same design but much more comfortable and obviously will take up only ten percent of your monthly income. we women want that peaceful long hours shopping spree in peace but will still calm home to remind the kids its nap time. the list is endless and yup we women will always find conflicts within ourselves to justify the list. we stand by the argument what we want is what we need.

lately, my dear hubby made all the effort beyond his reach to show his tlc. trust me, after twelve years of knowing him and after eight years of marriage, i'm ok with our couple life. there were times i felt like kicking him off the bed when he just refused to wake up and it's already past lunch time. there were times i felt like cursing him when he asked me to do things he knew i don't like to do. but now that i'm reflecting, i can't thank allah enough for temukan jodoh kami berdua. he told me he misses me. he told me he loves me. he told me he can never had enough of my smile. he told me he likes to see me waving at him. he told me he needs me. he told me he wants to be selfish and he just wants me all by himself.

and after eight years of marriage, i know he never change, the same boy i was smitten by, the same gentleman i was head over feet for, the same knight of my shining armour..

when it's been quite some time being with each other, i thought i'm stuck with him.. and that's a scary thought. but then again, that was not me thinking. i know all i want is him for the rest of my life.

i want him to keep on missing me, loving me, kissing me, hugging me, thinking of me, caring for me, asking me how my days go, oogling and looking at me, idolizing the ground i walk on.. i want him to keep telling me it's me that all he ever wished for and his wish came true. i know mine did.

what a woman want? everything, and that constant consistent tlc is more than any woman can ask for..

love you, abang

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