Sunday, September 2, 2012

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well, definitely been missing a lot in updating stuff in this blog.

aidan, alhamdullillah, successfully gone thru the fasting month for 22 full days despite the tantrums he threw on the first day of ramadhan. he's a strong boy that elder son of me. when it was hot and he's been playing jumping and running and look so tired, i did tempt him to break his fast.. but he didn't.. and i was the proud mum of him.

aimar was fasting too.. for a solid eight days. tho he asked me how much longer he has to wait for every five minutes, but i'm still the proud mum of him.

aivey, i was supposed to update on her two teeth that was protruding. but that was ancient history. at times of writing this, she has two bottom teeth and two upper teeth. as iris started running at her early stage, aivey darling still grasping for support to walk. of course, his aboh was determined for her to walk before she's one. he will hold her hand and stroll along withher. last two days, aivey made her first few baby steps..

it was a good raya. of course the drama was demn dramatic. we mislooked and left all five of our baju raya. we only realized it when we were in kemaman. of course there's no other alternative that my dear hubby has proposed to drive back to kl. i cried of the thoughts of last minutes shopping raya in the store, kemaman.. and i must thank my sis and cousin who helped to find a stranger who i owe a lot who was on his way back to dungin. hubby drove up to dungun to pickup and our morning raya was flawless..

ok i spare the anniversary story on my next posting

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