Monday, December 31, 2012

hepi 2013

as i'm writing this,all i wish i could have spent the last day of 2012 with him, physically. i doubt that we'll be going somewhere to enjoy the moment and we might even end up with me in the bed and he busy doing the laundry in the middle of the night, but, it would be great to be in the same roof, if we could.

it's human being. bila ada, tak heran, bila takde, sebok la nak plan semua benda bagai!

anyway, i'm working today..the last day of 2012. and i have soooo many things to complete and write-off from my lift before 2013. i doubt that i could do all, but, i doubt that i would give a demn!

2012 is special. let's see if i could recall a brief of what had happened.

Jan - aidan was in his primary school.. my first boy. he's no longer in kindy. he's a junior. he has always been so smart as always, and i could still remember vividly how he cried in the middle of the school canteen on the third day of school because he couldn't find me. he cried.. and nobody's around to soothe him. and next in his life, he will still cry, and i just wish i could be there when he cried. just to give him a hug and tell him 'mama will always be around for you'

Feb - we had aivey's aqeqah and cukur jambul.. it was sweet and beautiful. i'm enjoying the perks of having little girl of my own

March - it was 12 years anniversary as a couple :)   

April - the boys' first UKRC match. the lost, badly... and mama, again, felt so sedih. i don't like to see them fail..and i felt so helpless.

May - aimar was doing soo great with the exams.. and so did abadan

June - it was a grreeaatt fun family time in singapore.. how i wish we could have holidays everyday

July - anak punye pasal, we drove sampai melaka for the boys football match there ..don't ask me how well they do.. not something that anyone want to be reminded of. 

Aug - it was puasa and raya and it was good to have aboh around for raya. aimar fasted for a week, and aidan fasted for 3 weeks. i am proud of my boys.

Sept - it was aivey's first

Oct - it was aimar's fifth and mama's thirthy-fifth!

Nov - work starting to take a ride on me! and us!

Dec - am still working today.
i really wish he's around

happy new year, u oolllsss...

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