Tuesday, May 7, 2013

sheer arrogance

kite ni asik lupa je ..
we kept believing the 'kuasa' and 'authority' and 'power' we have within our capacity is ours to use, while it last!
kite lupe.. superheroes yang dalam tv ngan comic books je ada power and kuasa.. itu pun, they would have their weaknesses and they don't work alone.
kite lupe, hanya Allah Yang Maha Kuasa.. Dia Yang Maha Esa.. Dia Pemilik Hak Segala Kuasa.. Dia bagi sedikit sangat2 hak kuasa die kat kite, and kaboom.. kite rasa kite berKUASA!!!


the 'kuasa' comes with responsibilities. we overlooked into that. we were endowed with such 'power', 'authority' and 'kuasa' from His AlMighty  not because we deserved it..ok maybe some did. but, we kept forgetting, that comes with big RESPONSIBILITIES!!!!!! you might earned it, you might worked hard for it, and some might even got it just by cheating, believing that others won't notice (boo-hoo!).. whatever it is, we never really owns it.. its a responsibility, with capital R!!!! how can we overlooked into that core!!!!

sheer arrogance i would say.

kuasa tu, bila2 masa Tuhan boleh tarik.
tapi sementara ada tu, tolong lah wahai mahkluk Tuhan, tolonglah rasa bertanggungjawab.. tak banyak,sikit pun jadiklah..

kuasa pemimpin negara, kuasa boss opis, kuasa ketua keluarga, kuasa pengurus bahagian, kuasa abang kakak sulung, kuasa senior citizen, kuasa pelbagai kuase

tolonglah amanah jujur setelus mungkin
tolonglah bijak cerdik menilik
tolonglah bertimbangrasa bila pikul tanggungjawab
tolonglah toleransi seantaro pengikut
tolonglah tolonglah tolonglah
tolong beringat, nikmat itu hak Tuhan, tolong tunai janji Tuhan sebagai khalifah..
bile tak ikut landasan yang betul, dah jadik salah, tolong ngaku, jangan pikir diri sendiri je ada ego.
ingat, Tuhan janji, jangan aniaya sesama insan.

Monday, May 6, 2013


i'm glad it's all over - the election.
i have no rights to make any cynical remarks, assumptions, comments or anything with regards to the process and be it the result. i'm not a registered voter, which after today, after i woke up, i realized i really need to register and play my role in the next five year election.. hmmm..

my personal opinion was me expecting the government to change. the pr's wave were strong, and i was surprised they didn't made it to putrajaya.

but on the other hand, perhaps the elected bn government who is obviously not blind or deaf can see and hear that how desperately everybody, especially the youngsters, hunger for a better change. yup, we want fuel to be reduced, minus off the tolls, free education please.. if the pr believe this is achievable, am sure the bn could work something out right away, and not to wait at the eleventh hour and splurge all the money to everyone and thinking they bought everyone like they did!

again, and again, i'm in no position in talking about the election.
but i can't resist..

the pr have all the right to baffle on the phantom voters, on the blackout tragedy, on the undi pos, on the early voters, on the not-so-indelible-ink..
bn should stop the old tricks and starts for a better change for real.

cume satu je nak peringatkan diri ini: sumber dari thestar.com.my: bn 133 seats, pr 87 (dap 38: pkr 28: pas 21) ..