Sunday, December 15, 2013

the tests

I finally decided to go to dr koh, the ent specialist in gleneagles after the lump on the right neck is not reducing in size after the antibiotics dr anand prescribed.

dr koh decided to give me a stronger antibiotics.

after two weeks, it din get any better.he wrote a referral letter to dr yeo,the ent head and neck specialist of pcmc.
my hubby wanted to be there on my first visit to dr yeo. but he was due for his offshore duties and stubborn me just wanted to go and see the doc and get over with it.

the day I waited for my name to be called upon, I was everything but ok. I even made a big scene when my hubby din called up as he we was caught up with work.

it was quick. he wanted to perform the fine needle aspiration test, or fna, they called it. he wanted to do it right away, but i hesitated.we set for another two days for the test.

I came back on thursday for various test. the blood test, the xray, the catscan and the fna rest.

The catscan was horrifying. When they inserted the fluid, I felt warm the whole body and panicky. I threw out right away after completing the scan.

next I was set to see dr yeo. I thought I will be on local anaesthetic while he performed the test, I was wrong. He simply poked the needle on my neck and that was it! It hurts! I remember squeezing the nurse hand as tight as I could possibly imagine. well, after I cried when they told me no LA, i figured they were much aware how scared I was..

the one day tests alone inserted nine needles on my body including thre times failures of finding my vein for the iv :(
result shud be out in a week time, but as dr yeo was scheduled for oversea trip, and plus I wanted my hubby to be there for the result too, we took two and half week to hear from dr yeo.

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