Friday, May 22, 2015

HR 2.0

As much as I hate writing about the HR in the company I still bind to, I just have to blog this down, today. 
Why do I hate writing about it? 
1. I know I would press the keyboard hard enough just because I am pissed. 
2. I know I will use such a vulgar language, so bear with me. 
3. I know so many good HR personnel that knew their work function, but unfortunately none of them had to deal with me. 
4. I know some would say the HR is just doing their job and I am just being difficult me. 
5. I know this would be a one-sided story because I tried to look from HR POV and I failed!

What the heck, I need to write this down, and I do apologize if I tend to generalize thing. I tried to relate and understand, but I just couldn't. 

Why don't you be the judge!
My HR saga happened ten months ago when the senior manager who took care of my case was 'threatening' me of being an AWOL; despite of me being sick from cancer and was off-duty for the chemo-radiotherapy treatment. I was mad enough that I decided to tender my resignation right away. 

My case was escalated to my higher management, and my GM convinced me to take the alternative of unpaid sabbatical leave instead. With much respect, though I was determined to resign, I agreed with the idea of taking the unpaid.  

After five month of leave without poay, I knew that this (staying at home) is what I want to do for now. Of all the dilemma being a stay-at-home mom, not having a career and doubts whether this is what i want and what's not, I submitted my resignation letter, once again. This time, I was determined and I knew, working in the office is not what I want. Not now. 

My boss respected my decision and accepted my tender letter. But I was flabbergasted to receive an email respond from the HR stating that "Unfortunately, we can't process your request as you are still on the Leave Without Pay duration!" and as I tried to digest and the HR confirmed that the only option for me is to resume work as normal after my unpaid leave period and resign right away, which means I still have to serve them 3 months as per contract and they are going to pay my salary for 3 months!

My head is thumping. 
I still couldn't digest the fact of such man-made policy & procedures of a Fortune500 listed company exists!
Despite of my unwillingness, I came to the office on Monday and submitted my resign letter. I request as an appeal for immediate release at no cost for the reason stated below:
1. I'll be a liability and no longer an asset to the company
2. I have physical limitation that may stop me from working effectively
3. My mind-state has yet to prepare me to go work in the office
4. I just want to resign so I can stay at home and spend more time with my growing up children, not because I plan to work elsewhere!

And here we were, discussing with the HR on the 'slim' chances that my appeal would be accepted as it is.

First and foremost, I still couldn't digest why is the policy ever exist! I asked my superior and his superior, I asked the HR officer and her executives, and yet, I still am waiting for an answer.. They couldn't give me even an answer! Only when I kept on pestering, the HR officer told me "perhaps it's to protect the company...."..and I wasn't listening!

An employee; after qualified for an interview, went through intensive interviews and chit-chat sessions, and waited for months for an answer whether he/she killed it,; signed the recruitment letter with the terms and conditions, and worked for the company. An employee is an asset to a company.
Human Resource personnel is also an employee. Especially for a big national oil & gas company that has more than 70K employees, HR plays the only biggest role to PROTECT the one if the company asset, which is the EMPOLYEES! And here we were, with a HR officer giving an answer that such policy exist to PROTECT THE COMPANY?????? I'm not saying that she's incompetent. She surely is much better than the HR executive, manager and senior manager that dealt with my cancer case last year. But listening to her respond, I can't avoid myself from generalizing how unlucky the company is to have a group of HR people who couldn't see that they are hired to take of the people so that the people could protect the company. Instead, they think it's their job to protect the company and give a hell demn about the people!!!! Tooooooooooooooootttttttttttttt!!!! Wrong answer!

Of course, I could just come and go and enjoy three months' salary, just simply. But being the daughter of a retired army colonel who never take any bribe and the reason why he still couldn't afford to renovate his house, I've been raised with full of intergrity. I don't feel comfortable getting a salary that can afford two ferragamo's flats and four michael kors handbags every month for three month! (eh, ke ye ke?). That salary is better off allocated to the needy fresh graduates to start earning their living.

But no, it's the policy and the HR told me that nobody has ever succeeded with the appeal!
When there's an option of a win-win situation between two parties, they decided to have a lose-lose arrangement and as I might lose in terms on time, they loss big time!!!!!!!!!! That is not insane or not smart, that is stupid, bodoh, bangang, tolol, dungu teramat sangat..ehem, excuse my french!

I did some background check; the HR was telling me that is not the Operating Unit policy but it is the company-wide policy. To-date, I'm still waiting for the copy of the said policy as it was not accessible to me during the recruitment letter sign-off and not even in the code of conduct/business ethics policy. In fact, eveybody is yet to see the documented and visibility of  such policy! But I knew for sure, as it's company-wide, there were other Operating Units that accepted the resign letter during unpaid. As I'm typing this, I really couldn't digest on any logical reason behind it. Can anyone please please please help me?!!

I'm still waiting for an answer.

I insisted of meeting the General Manager. The officer told me she will set the appointment. And I'm still waiting.

It has been a week, and my cash in the bank is running out as the only thing I could do is online shopping. They blocked all the social media websites :(

For the sake of Friday, penghulu segala hari, I pray that all Human Resources personnel, especially those in Carigali, wake up and understand, the name is called HUMAN Resources for a reason and please realized HUMAN is not a piece of paper!! Pick up your skill, and pick up fast. You are working in the tallest twin tower in the world and set your standards high. Stop the bulls and act that you know what you are doing when you are completely clueless. KNOW your work. And keep on reminding your self, you are dealing with people who are not in their toddlers or school-goers group of people. Stop treating them like one!


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