Thursday, May 14, 2015

Taiko, are you?

The 1MDB issues aside, I read with heartbroken wrt news in my FB newsfeed this morning. News about a boy who died because he got kicked (literally) by his one-year senior. Innalillahiwainnailaihirrojiun.

This shouldn't be in the headlines. This shouldn't be how it should be.

What went wrong? The boy was kicked on his neck! And this happened in a college!!!!!!!! A place where all these students are 'big' and 'old' enough to know that bullying is never a solution to anything!

So, just because you are few months' senior, just because the boy didn't smile at you, just because the boy was bold enough to ignore you, you have the entitlement to his life??????

And trust me, these bullying attitudes are everywhere. And it's all about ego. An employer will bully her employees just because she 'thought' she has these great ideas that was supposed to be implemented loooong ago (and it was loooong ago, you expected it to be implement it now? grow up and out, will ya?). A senior in college can give you these stare because you didn't look at him and smile when you genuinely couldn't see him for his lackings in height. A local can just park anyway she wants just because she's familiar with the place but will surely 'scratch' your car when you simply park at the same spot. 

O my, o it us or its the world nowadays? I've been reading books stated the ideas of the Khalifah Method by late Prof. Dr. Muhammad al'Mahdi (will write the review and believe it's a must-read book by all parents!) and I truly agree with the concept he's introducing.. the ideas of being khalifah being introduced to me when my children were chanting their responsibilities being a khalifah which their school introduced to them (which i am very much content and happy with the concept). 
Three basic principals of being Khalifah:
1) To perfect ourselves according to Allah's will
2) To perfect all human society according to Allah's will
3) To perfect the physical world of space and time according to Allah's will
Isn't that beautiful?

That what Islam is. 
And if only everyone can really understand the concept. 

The idea of perfecting all human society is not by bullying, abusing, highlighting i'm-good-you-are-wrong, and all those horrible terrible things that our Nabi SAW asked to avoid. Perfecting all human society by helping others' to be good, and others' can only be good if and only if we be good to them! Respect is to be earn. You can never gain it. If you think you earn it, show it to people. Trust me, if you earn it, you do not have to trade with anything. Good values and attitudes will do. 

Parents, teach our children these concept. And by teaching, respect our children if they earn it. Don't ignore them. 
Bosses, you may think you get to where you are because you earn it. Look back, You were once just where your staff are now. Decide wisely, direct fairly. Stop being such rotten bullies!!
Seniors, the advantage of time and age is not really an advantage. It's a bless that you are still alive and breathing. That never gives you the rights over others, especially your juniors, especially their life! 
You, you, you,you, and I, we may sometimes THINK we are good and should be respected. THINK BACK. If we deserve it, we'll get it!

Back to Quran and Sunnah.
Be good to everybody, please. I'm begging. Just be nice! 

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