Friday, August 21, 2015

moga kekal bahagia

over a decade, 11 yrs to be exact
4015 days, 96360 hours,346896000 seconds
two houses, five cars, one 4wd
3 great kids, two smart sons one charming daughter 
millions of laughters, arguments,i love yous and i miss yous
the cancer, the pains, the blessings, the awakening 


the least, let me share this and no, you do not have to agree with everything.. just my two cents, in no particular orders:

1. Nak carik jodoh, kawin dgn si anak mak. Kalau die kawin ngan kite maknanya mak die restu kite jadi menantunye. Si anak pula, akan didik anak2 kita datang hormat ibu diorg seperti dia kasih ibunya.

2. Communicate. Bila gusar, suarakan pada si dia. Walaupun dah kenal lama, walaupun anak dah besar panjang, memang fitrah suami, dia takkan tahu kalau kita tak bagitau. tak payah hint2,tag sana sini on articles fahami isterimu, diorang tak pick up!

3. Ikut ckp laki. Ye, mungkin die bukan ustaz alhafiz juga bukan ketua yang adil. Tapi dia jodoh kita, imam kita. Dosa kita dia yang jawab nanti, dosa dia pun dia jawab juga. Percayalah, kita ikut cakap dia, dia ikut cakap kita. Buat dia happy, pasti, dia layan kita lebih dari permaisuri.

4. Tak salah rasa cemburu. Dah memang lumrah dalam bercinta. Cemburulah biar berpada, jangan sampai dia loya.

5. Tak baik buruk sangka. Tanyalah jika ada yang kurang nyata. Bila asik buruk sangka, risau tak keruan membuang masa je.

6. Negotiate and tolerate. Tak ada dalam perjuangan kita menang semua atau kita kalah segala. Bincanglah seperti dewasa, tak perlu hendak mengada2. Kalau tak dapat apa kita nak, sekali tu je tak dapat. Kite try lagi next time, with different tactics pulak, kot2 menjadi.

7. Bermanjalah dengan dia. Lembutkan suara lirikkan mata, kalau bukan kita yang manja, jangan salahkan gadis remaja cuba menggoda. Dan manjakanlah dia. Ye, dia lelaki. Sapa cakap they are not entitled dimanjakan? Kalau kita best dimanjakan, jauh di sudut hati, dia juga nak dimanjakan. Bercintalah hari-hari.

8. Jangan mengungkit. Resolve all issues masa gaduh. Mungkin akan makan masa berjam berhari berminggu, tapi selesaikanlah here and then. Lepas tu, jangan ungkit. Buang jauh2.

9. Percayalah dia. Kalau susah nak yakin pun, percayalah diri sendiri. Kalau hitam yang dia cakap, hitam lah yang kita faham. Usah digusar hitam pekat ke hitam cair. Kalau tipu khabarannya, yakinlah, sepandai2 tupai melompat akhirnya jatuh ke tanah juga.

10. Jangan pernah lupa, jangan pernah lalai, semua yang jadi ketentuan Yang Esa. Dia Perancang terbaik and no doubt about it. Doalah. Doalah sebanyak mungkin, minta erat kasih sayang, minta dijauh fitnah dunia, minta en suami angaukan kita sampai bila2.. tak perlu bomoh dan nasi kangkang. Ikhlas kita atas permintaan kita, Yang Maha Pemurah Maha Mengetahui.Yakinlah with the power of doa.

and last but not least

11. My lady friend truly believe man opted for polygamy sbb cinta. Adikku sayang, be it the first marriage or many others, cinta is supplement. With men, marriage is all about sex. Isteri itu dicipta sebagai penyejuk mata dan hati. Layanlah suami sebaik mungkin. Usah dibenarkan dia mencari alasan. Yelah, kalau kenyang dia di rumah, mengapa perlu dia mencari makan di luar? Never stop flirting. Berhiaslah untuk dia.

sayang awak sokmo

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

my kinda guy

it's going to be our eleventh this month.
alhamdullillah..if ever, we are standing stronger than where we came.

i wanna talk about him, the man i am completely utterly madly in love with yesteryears, today and the many more tomorrows.

he makes me cry
he gives sarcastic, 'evil' remarks about me
he looks at other girls even i was next to him
he forgets things
he is no sane
he doesn't agree with giving me total freedom
he sends video message of a broken potty, recorded for two minutes
he DIYs everything and even superglued the wound on his thumb
he is not a morning person and waking him up is a struggle, everytime
and, he still sleeps very late just to finish mending his DIYs project
he talks and compliments other girls to his wife
he smokes and sweats
of many he-drives-me-nuts, i am thankful that he is mine.

he carried me up the stairs, not because it was our wedding night, just because he cares enough.
he learned that Pandora and Thomas Sabo are not the same and he made sure he got the charms right just for a thinking-of-you gifts.
he complained about the constant pain on his left shoulders lately. that shoulder has been my pillow for the last eleven years and i know i have a hard head.
he stopped by 7E to get his ciggies, and would pass me the KitKat or Cadbury DairyMilk without me asking, because he knew my favourite.
he made sure the actifast is always available so that it could become handy when i started complained about headache.
he loves our kids so deeply and there is no doubt about it.
he forced me to go and see my girlfriends once a while.
he let me buy expensive things and didn't ask much.
he told me things, and i know i'm his best friend.
he is at his service no matter how long his day has been. i told him the kitchen needed fan, he went and bought the wall-mounted fan instead of the stand fan, and mounted it right away.
he ate whatever is served and not leaving anything behind.
he washed dishes and did the laundry.

he is easy.
he is true.
he is real.
he is no sweet-talker.
he is he.

your wife is loud, speaks her mind off, dependent and clingy, hard-headed, argues about petty and trivial matters, nags a lot and sooo manje.

and yet you still fight for her.

of all the small things that he did, he surely deserved to own his favourite quote that he kept telling me "if it's not love, then i don't know what it is."

of course, when he said that, i just gave the 'whateva' (ehem) look..

but yes, i know that is love.
o my sweet darling,
i just love that senget smiles of yours. please keep it just to me.

i knew i was not the first girl who caught your eyes
i may not be the first girl who touched your heart
i definitely was too late to be your first love in the list

being the first will surely be great,
being the last is beyond perfect.
promise me, i'll be your last!

i maybe a big mess, but this mess love you endlessly.
don't ever stop wanting me.
don't ever get enough of me.
don't ever give up on me.
don't ever forget, i'm you manje, always.

there's a reason why two people stay together.. they give each other something nobody else can.
whenever you feel lacking, know that i'm there.. in your heart.

Abang, I love you
Because we matter