Monday, September 21, 2015

Book Review: Ada Iman, Baru Syok, Ada Fight and #Baby Muslimah

I saw a clip in youtube from Ustaz Khairi on a convert Chinese who was struggling to practice Islam while staying with his parents. However, after four years converted to Islam, he managed to convert another 34 non-muslim back to fitrah.


Bak kata ustaz tu, kita 30thn masuk islam, mana kita? kita 40thn masuk islam, siapa kita?

Malunya pada diri sendiri. Cemburu dengan mereka2.

I wanted to know more and so I decided to buy and read these two books.

1. Baby Muslimah by Felixia Yeap

Felixia Yeap always impressed me. Her beauty, her istiqomah, her style and her spiritual and emotional strength.. salute her in every ways.

I did not read the first book, Amoi Berhijab, but I guess the book of Baby Muslimah is just the same as the dirst one. Not much of a thing, just about her learning to become a convert, learning the baby steps.

An easy reading book, but I guess, it's more of FB shoutouts collections. Not much of details and she could do better with the write-ups should she intends to write more after this.

2. Ada Iman, Baru Syok, Ada Fight by Adam Corrie

I followed Adam Corrie in FB and I salute him for feeling comfortable and freely expressing his love towards his bidadari.

He has his struggles. Being an artist and a convert, banyak betul orang nak berburuk sangka towards him. 

His book is also an easy reading, cute phrases and life story of his. His writing is with nice flow and good storyline. I was inspired reading his book. He lives a sinple life, yet his strong belief and his wants fighting for Islam really makes me envy of him. I want that feeling too.

I prefer this book more than the first one.

jom kita berjuang untuk islam.

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