Monday, September 14, 2015

four, oredi??

sayang, at times of me writing this, it hasn't past midnite yet.. it is still the day you should be celebrating your birthday.. i haven't post any FB shoutout yet coz i realized i have sooo many things to write and FB shoutout is insufficient.

so, bear with me.
1- you received a wrapped gift and wanted to unwrap it.  i said ok and offered to unwrap it for you. 
'i can do it myself'
you shut me off.
2- you was entering the house, saw the shoes and sandals were everywhere. you arranged it nicely. i asked to confirm who ordered you to do the chore.
'i do myself'
you left me unspoken.
3- you were only three when aboh showed me video of yours changing the bin's plastic at 2am just because you couldn't sleep and asked aboh 'can i help?'
you made me stunned.
4- it was sunday and you were telling me there's homework to be done and i said okay. without asking, you took the book and did the work with no supervision. less that i knew you knew your numbers 1 to 10. 
of all i heard you said,  'done'
you define speechless to me!
5- you wanted to sleep and would crawled on our bed and asked me to recite fatihah and zikir.
'subhannallah, alhamdullillah walailahaillallah allahuakbar'
allahu, sedapnya suara kecil itu berlagu..

sayang, the list goes on and insyaallah, there will surely be more.

you are so smart and we, mama and aboh, must have done something good to be blessed with such a beautiful genius daughter namely you, aivey adela!

you made it easy for us!
waay to easy (ok, despite the potty trained that took years)!!!
thank you sayang.
thank you for made it easy for us.

and so, it's you birthday and many more to come.
something just on top my head for now;
- jadi anak solehah yang bertakwa..
- be just the way you are, be true..
- belajar pandai, beauty will only comes with brain..
- jaga diri, keep your standard high as you already are..
- harga diri, tiada galang ganti. never spoiled it and never allow it to be spoiled. don't cry for things that don't matters 
- stay away from culprits; and yes, for now, on behalf of aboh, he will surely ask you to stay away from any boys!

banyak lagi mama nak pesan.. but i guess, in times, we'll pick up along the lines.. we surely be the bestest friends.

o, maybe i should share some of your aboh's thought.. 
- he said no make-ups (oo, what waste)
- he said don't stay too often at abangs' school (nanti will come the times kawan2 abang memang suka nak tengok adik kawan diorang)
- he said solat sama2, just ikut him
- he said no sexy2 
- he said simpan rambut panjang tapi main wrestling, baru rock
he said a lot, and there'll be more in his list.

he is the best aboh. just the way he takes care of your mom, he will takes care of you at his best.

o, satu lagi tips, nanti la kan, bila dah besar sangat2, bila nak carik hero idaman hati, find someone who put high regards of your intelligence and always proud holding your hands no matter where you guys are. find a hero who will ask you just to 'sit there and be pretty'..
i got mine and fairy tales do come true! masa tu, you can surely understand real meaning of hashtagbahagia.. yup, bahagia!

just don't rush things.
take it easy and slow.

happy fourth birthday, princess!

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