Wednesday, September 2, 2015

nastie evil-swagger she!

a wise man once told me never to stoop down to anyone's level who is lower than me. not only that they will drag you down to their stupidity land; they surely will beat you down like hell with their experience. I won't be getting anything but waste hella lots of my precious time and energy. i have lots of other better things to do.

but, i need to have my own peace of mind, and i could only settled once I'm done with giving you, lady, my piece of mind.

and hence, i write
dear missy,

allow me to introduce myself and do judge me as much as you wish once you have completed reading this. and yes, at times of reading this, you have all your rights to keep on believing what a psycho i am as you have claimed i was. you are entitled to your thoughts and I won't deny it. but, you may want to watch your words before you speak your mind. you've messed with a wrong person, or two in this case.. two strong individuals that has been a team for the past fifteen years and going stronger and stronger. big mistake, my dear. 

here we goes.  

before i'm a wife, a mother and a homemaker as i am now, i was a lady of my own and at my peak. don't get me wrong. i am still at the peak. the thing is, i wish to highlight i used to be late twenties, not married and bold, just where you are now. don't tell me to shut up for being clueless, coz I wasn't. I don't know about you, but i was and always am a brainy. i was awarded a scholarship (mind you! not loan!) to further up my studies in the UK right after my SPM result. i went to an international college as young as eighteen, was an engineer student in top engineering school in UK (yes, i'm undermining your background) and was hired immediately as a project engineer upon graduating. the job was demanding, i went to iraq during saddam was very much alive. i stayed nights and nights working on the assembly cabinet hardwiring the scada system for the TLDM KD Perdana. i was up the kenyir hill for as long as i could remember. i was lucky to have great colleagues and bosses who always supporting each other. and mostof time, they did the work and i picked up things slimg the line. i was also a product engineer taking care of high volume manufacturing of well-established hard drives factory. yet, landed back as the application engineer, back to the plants, just because i love the challenges. before i agreed to resign from the career-life, i worked with one of the Fortune500 company and proudly declared i was a 'tremendous' (quoting your immediate superior in describing your quality) employee everytime i was assigned with task. yup, just like you, i joined the 'men's world' too. 
nope, no intention to brag. but, it's a must to highlight before i could further elaborate my intention of writing this to you. yes, YOU! so, do judge but do not doubt my background. if you think i am no match with you, betcha, think again! i am sooo much better than you. 

you are at you peak, and so you think! working in the city, with a good rank, with that pretty face and weird fashion-statement, you thought you have it all. wake up missy. you've been missing so much in your life. like for example, a great company who loves you so much and will stand up for you especially when someone is belittling you for no absolute reason. 

so, why am i sounding like i'm picking fights with you?
you called me names! 
no, no, no. wrong move, biatch!
the old me will go straight up to you, confronted you, slapped you and called you even worse name in the loudest voice i have. i was capable to do that and i still do. 
alhamdullillah, the now-me is more sober and sane and going berserk will just put me three levels lower than i am now, just to be at your par..nope, it's degrading and added no value and I won't stoop that low! I'm a classy of my own.

you need to be told!

i just couldn't compute how your brain works, and i'm not interested to find out. it's sad that you couldn't put the boundary between being professional and emotional. i guess, you are one of many who spoiled the statistics on women climbing the career ladder successfully. you sad thing! you couldn't bring yourself up when you were pulled back. what makes it worse is that you drag your personnal opinions on people and took it as your final bullet.
wrong moves lady! 
not having the chance to know you and just judging by the way you reacted,  you've proven how weak your mind works. at your age, it is going to be lots and lots of burning of the midnight's oil just to get you back in a classy lady track. ho ho, wishing you abundance of luck!

ok, i'm being mean. before i turn into nasty you, i should just stop. i just don't have anything good to say.

but i guess, some points for you to ponder:
1. you don't name names, especially when you never met the person.  calling a stranger a psycho can be your worst nightmare when she turns up to be for real.
2. never give lame excuse or you might just have to swallow your own words.  tasting your own medicine is bitter than you could have imagined! take it from my observation; a stranger with one mutual friend of yours request to add you as her friend and instead of ignoring the request, you have the gut to confront  your friend, telling him 'did you know she requested to add me?' what the heck you expected his reaction would be? he has been friend with you since April this year and she has been his friend for like ummm fifteen years? what were you thinking? and your excuse when he wanted and answer was 'because we haven't met'.. haha.. what a laughing stock you have been missy! you have 1105 people in your friends' list and don't tell us you've met each and every single one of them!!! whom are you kidding? again, you should just ignore the request! 'confronting' him as if it's the biggest issue eva just showed how perasan you are. it's either you think he likes you and will take your side or you like him and want him to know i like you and I'm telling you now but sharing this important decision in my life with you! we believe you did because of the latter. else, what were gou thinking asking him 'so when are you going to like my photo (in fb)?' after you shut off his friend's add request? o my, bimbo! confirmed bimbo especially when 90% of your uploaded photos were all your selfies. we do not have to take a genius to figure that out! pure vain! 
2a. what's in your mind when you only knew the guy less than a week and he wanted to take your picture so that he could matchmake you with his friend, you just gleefully smile and pose for him. you were lucky he was genuine. else, he could just posted it in the guys' closed wassap group and you couldn't imagine what's next. you might think its no harm, but girl, how stupid can you be to protect your own dignity. by doing what you did, should you blame anyone for assuming you are just as desperate old maid as you've reflected in your actions? you give bad names to single ladies out there!  
3. do not shit in your own ricepot! you have issues workwise with your colleague just because he doubted your incompetency (and i have no doubt on himself), you shouldn't relate it with non-work matters. after being claimed of being such a  tremendous employee, you just  fail on credibility. differentiate between professional vs personal. put a big bold line in between. kalau tak, sapa yang malu? mereka dan keluarga mereka!
4. learn the art of apologizing the proper way! and so you are a confirmed bimbo and has no way out when that smartie pants caught you red handed for being stupid. the only way out is to apologize. and you did. hei you, wake up! 

when you seek for forgiveness, you say sorry like you mean it. you explain why you were sorry so that any misunderstanding could be understood. you repent and promise to try as hard not to repeat the mistake. just saying sorry and expecting the other party to forgive you is silly! even my 8yo son knew that's a taboo in seeking forgiveness! or maybe you think you've never sinned? you earn the rights to think whateva you are! but, learn the art! of course forgiveness is something sweet anyone could offer, but if you hold grudges as high as the everest, that would not be an easy okay job!

tuff luck, missy!
it's a long way to go and time is not siding on you!

the bigger bully

p/s: nope, I didn't misspelled the word nastie. it meant to be in such a way, if you got what i mean.

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