Monday, September 21, 2015

the scroll against the skills

it's the talk in FB lately.. regardings fresh graduates from reputable universities with impressive CGPAs against the fresh graduates from less-reputable in ranking with lower CGPAs being interviewed. the latter grads excelled the interview and secured the job.
kudos to the hirer. 
but then again, how many of the top listed big tycoons willing to settle with lower grades graduates as reflected in their scrolls despites of their higher attitudes and life skills? 
they won't be even considered for an interview during screening stage, hence, attitudes and skills won't matter! what a waste. a better skillful potential employee against booksmart people who struggling to survive in corporate world, the booksmart won.

i knew two different ladies of the age 31, unmarried with different education background.

one owned an engineering scroll from UNITEN, holding a maintenance superintendent post in an oil and gas company, with family just an hour away from the workplace.
the other was a sabahan masseuse that works in kemaman with no family nearby and decided to stop from continuing her diploma because she just wanted to explore places. 

they are ladies, they are single, they are of the same age.

the one with the scroll 'claimed' she was harrassed by her colleague's wife (note: not her colleague, but the wife). i don't know to what extent that she claimed of being harrassed, but one thing i knew, she went to her boss. she said she was distracted and couldn't focus with her work because of the texts from the 'harrasor'. i knew for a fact that the harrasor was harrassing her because this so-called superintendent was naming names to her colleague and his wife. there were minor misunderstanding over the emails, and she's started calling names. and when the wife demanded for an answer, the superintendent went telly-tally to the boss. best is when asked for a meetup, she shut the wife by fabricating lies such 'i won't see you as i've made a report against you and should you want to meet me, will only be with the police attendance'.. when the wife, so-called harrasor agreed to terms, she chickened out and remained silent. apparently no report was made and the lies was just the way she tried to solve the issue! haha!!
at her position, she should be able to work independently. she was supposed to go offshore for an audit visit, but as the chopper was 24hrs delayed due to the weather condition, she did not turn up the next day. there were rumours that due to the bad weather, they might need to take the 9-hr boat to the platform. so, did she decides to cancel her trip at the 11th hour, fearing she needs to be onboard the small smelly fast crew boat?

on the other hand, the masseuse is a different story. she impressed me the seconds she told me that she was a sabahan who love to travel and didn't own a car because walking is a good exercise! not that she couldn't afford it. apparently, she came from a well-being family that owns acres of logging land back home. she was telling me about her  sister's adopted children that she called her children too. those children were abandoned out of wedlocks children that they took up for adoption just because they were human. the last child is now five years old, and the grandma decided to take up custody now that she's growing up and smarter. the grandma was the one who bold enough to say to them 'i do not have any granddaughter' when they wanted to proceed the adoption legally is now seeking custody for the kid.  they are currently on custody battle. she talked with love, passions and she knew what she wants in life. she didn't turn up to any 'authority' like the first girl with the scroll did when being harrased.

she became the talk of distance relatives. they assumed the out of wedlock children are hers as she's in a long term relationship with her boyfriend. she didn't give a demn care. all she knew she love all these innocent children like her very own and people can talk when she knew the truth. she takes risk that might smeared her reputation. but she's determined!

need i to explain more?
employers, it's time to change the mindset. excellence results on paper might be your safeguard when you are calling candidates for interviews. but, you never know what precious jewels you are missing if you are too booked down with paper qualification.

consider attitudes!

will you pick a whiny spoiled brat who will never take risk for whatever reason
a street smart soul who know what he/she wants in life, willing to take risk and independent enough to survive in the wild wild world?

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