Wednesday, October 28, 2015

his true colours

it's mr ashraf's birthday and i still haven't got anything in mind, yet. isn't that horrible??... well, i remembered him telling me, birthday is not for us to celebrate; it's the day we should honour our moms for all the hardship during labour.

and so, he's been living for 38yrs and 40% of that were shared with me, alhamdullillah. despite all the 'goodie2' words i posted in FB about him, him and i do agree that he's not 'that' angelic pun.

i do feel bad though.

there's a giant A3 cute card lying around the house. i has the urge to scribble things on it and give him as a birthday card. here's the thing, that card was bought last month, and was meant for MY birthday.. and it has been there since. yup, you read it correctly, my dear hubby bought it, and still thinking of what to write with what pen (he was thinking of using markers as it would take up more space and less words). for whatever reason, even after forty days, i still hasn't got any card from him. he told me 'i'm thinking  about it and it's the thought that counts'.. so, the wife mogok, no birthday card for him. 

my hubby says a lot if things. sometimes, i wonder how could he never runs out of 'good' escape answers. like below:

or, he could just say nothing 

and to the extent, he just sent me photos, wierd photos.

nak buat camne, nasib saya la kan..redhalah.. ;)

no doubt that he's the best aboh for our children. he teaches them to fish and only give the fish when they asked for 'ikang'. if they asked 'aboh, nak ikan', sampai besok la dia torture anak3 suh sebut 'ikang'. he's so fanatic with his terengganu roots. 'government terengganu bagi hadiah kalau terer exam,' he told us.

he once told his boys, 'before kahwin, kena ingat all the important dates. after kahwin, no worries, your wife will takes care of that!' dang!!!!!!
and today, as we were having this nice lunch with a serene ambience in shangri-la, he was telling me 'am replying a birthday message telling that we're having YOUR birthday lunch,' sebab memang dia janji nak belanja birthday tapi tunggu punya tunggu sampai ke sudah. and so, we did.

am not complaining! and am not keeping score, even if i'm winning. he is my man, for sure! for better for worse, for poorer for richer, in sickness in health, to cherish and to love; as long as we both still live, insyaallah. 

afterall, i doubt that anybody can be so loyal and supportive to me even all i can do is serve you that sambal bilis and instant coffee.

oh my dear apek, i just love you and been falling in love with you over and over again. 

loved you then 
love you still 

happy birthday, abang


Tuesday, October 27, 2015

current position: not working

i have been a not working person for nearly a year.

trust me, if my hubby reads the intro duction, he will goes berserk immediately..'why must you said you are not working? you are doing what you are supposed to be doing! just sit there and be pretty!!'

sabar abang. let me explain.

here's the deal..

i was sceptical of well-educated ladies who has brain and beauty and being 100% depending on their husband. 
oooo how wrong have i been!

i was sceptical of staying at home and not working as i believe it would be a waste if i don't challenge my brain by solving work issues in the office.
oooo how wrong have i been!

i was sceptical of my boys telling me his friends' mom has the coolest job being the head of that reputable company while we are still wondering what our mom does.
oooo how wrong have i been!

i was sceptical of no fixed income in my bank account deposited on specific dates every month for me to spend on that handbangs i've been eyeing on.
oooo how wrong have i been!

i was sceptical about lots of thing regards  to staying at home mom, and i must really thank my dear husband for giving me a slap on my head and ask me to stop being dumb and wake up! thank you for making me realize that i was wrong.

i don't look down on working mom neither the stay at home ones.

i was sceptical but i'm glad i was wrong.

abg, i will still say that i am not working and don't be angry if i prompted that again and again.
if i want an extra sleep, i can just sleep in the co-driver seat and you drove throughout the traffics or i can just openly asked you to drop the boys while i take my extra nap in the morning. my choice.
if i want to cook, i can just prepare the food and anything will go. the bread with sambal, the french toast and the INSTANT coffee still got the thumbs up from you. how lovely! and i suck in cooking but surely good in choosing great restaurants. my choice.

if i want to do the house chores, i could just do at my leisure or i supervise the cleaners who come and visit the house weekly (to some extent, you even can't wait for their visit and you clean it yourself without asking me). my choice.
if i want to have time with my girlfriends, i could just see them whenever. or i could just text you and ask 'lunch jom'. you seldom have lunch with your colleagues. your answer to them 'lunch ngan wife'. your choice (and you make that as an option).

you see, i don't call myself a stay-at-home mom because i don't do houseworks, i don't cook constantly, i don't bake and i don't decorate the house. yes, i iron just like other working moms, i reviews my kids schoolworks, i drive here and there, i spend time with my friends and that is not working. 

me being sceptical of not working for i worried that my brain will stay idle and not being 'challenged'.... try being stuck in a traffic jam with two curious boys who will ask you about nothing to everything like 'why girls like to talk?' to 'why najib listen to rosmah?' kind of questions. gosh, what a brain teaser to find honest perfect answers to those kind of questions!

me being sceptical of my kids asking me 'mama, mama tak keje kan?'. my husband wil just ask them 'sapa nak antar amik aidan aimar and go everywhere you need to go if mama keje? ni mama keje la ni'. and my husband will never stop telling them 'mama belajar oversea lima tahun, keje jadi engineer, jadi senior exec kat petronas. mama tak keje opis, bukan sebab mama tak bijak.' need i say more?

me being sceptical of no fixed incomes....  try handing over the husband's debit card to the cashier in the middle of the month and never fails. we were blessed with enough nikmat, and i am blessed with a husband who knows his responsibility. alhamdullillah. rezeki hak allah, dan allah tak pernah aniaya hambanya. 

me being sceptical of depending 100% on my husband told me, he own a beautiful wife with intelligent brain, all he wants me to do is 'sit there and be pretty' only for him and take good care of his anak3, which are obviously mine too! if i may just explain my personal point of views, we women were so proud of being independent and 'succesful' in the corporate world. i respect such ladies and not undermining any of them. i have so many great lady friends who are succesful in the corporate world. but to me, i trust him for i trust allah 100%. i depend on him for i believe allah guaranteed the best plan for my life being his wife. my hysband, he knew well he is answerable to Yang Maha Esa. so, why am i doubting? 

imagine these
- a telebanker offering instant cash loan, and you tell them 'but i don't work and no income!'
- a credit card officer persuading you to apply and you answer 'but i'm not working and no payslip. how?'
- your son telling you 'will you come to the school tomorrow?' and no hesitation you just answer 'ok, what should i bring?'
- you just realized you had too much sleep and the idea of movie sounds great and you are queuing for the 11am show.

nope, am not a SAHM neither working. 
i just don't work and nothing wrong with that. in fact, it's feels great..

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

o customer service

i just screamed, nope yelled.. yell sound more rude than scream.. yup, i just yelled at the top of my lung to a lady who was rude at me.

she was rude. fullstop.

dang! i lose! my anger won! and i hate it.
how did nabi saw do it???? yes, i am not nabi for sure, but he was treated and tormented badly and yet he stayed patience. subhanaallah, such a perfect soul allah gave to us, our rasul, nabi  muhammad saw.

i was at the front desk of the service center. there were three ladies and all of them were occupied. i waited. there were few guys standing by waiting to be assisted as well. and there was this guy in purple went straight away to the front desk and i gave him THE look and he surely now how to read a lady. as one of the lady at the front desk was free, he led me the way to the front as he could have figured out THE look. before i could speak, the front desk lady was disrupted with few outstandings from prior customer. and so, i waited.

of sudden, this second lady, the only lady in tudung of three, stood next to her colleague, picked up the phone and told me in the rudest way (with no eye contact and one hand on the phone) 'puan, tolong baris!!!!!'

what the heck??!!!!
the seconds i wanted to respond immediately, she was on the phone and the moment she put down the phone, she went away just like that!
and yes, i was pissed. and when i am pissed, i speak queen english you know!! just that i'm not royal enough to tone down my voice.

1. it wasn't my first time sending my car to the center. in fact, the car was at the center for three months and we just got it few weeks ago! i have no choice but to become the 'loyal' customer.

2. i'm not that low to the extent that i do not know how to que and wait for my turn, rightly. the center do not have a que system and still i'm not the type who di not know how the system works! i queued in the toilet and i cleaned up my trash when i'm at the fast food restaurant. i know ethics!

3. you, being at the front desk MUST learn how to deal with people. even if you THINK i wasn't queuing, say it properly, rightly! not with that arrogant gesture 'o, i'm so cool i don't work at the bengkel ah seng shop!'

you, faranina (kot) of vw wearns sungai besi, need to be taught. please know i don't snap easily lately (just ask my hubby how 'cool' i am even my birthday was two days ago and he still didn't write the card he meant to give to me ON my birthday, and i'm still ok)... but because you represented the front desk, at the reputable car manufacturer, and the only one who wore tudung .. you spoiled it! you spoiled it bad!!!!!!!

jangan rasa gah sangat dengan apa yang awak ada.
jangan pandang rendah dengan sesiapa pun yang awak berurusan (ok, my bad gut feeling really think that she thinks i don't speak english.. wth, i can speak french tau!!)
jaga adab, tambahan bila kamu dah bertudung semua bagai.
kalau rasa tak larat nak berurusan dengan manusia, jangan kerja dengan manusia, pergi apply jadi janitor. 

dang!!!!!! susahnya lah nak bersangka baik bila orang dah layan kita macam ni!! b 

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Movie Review: Polis Evo

the movie is too awesome to be just in a FB shoutout credits!!!!!

i wanted to 'ridicule' myself and opted to watch any malay movie yesterday. i'm not undermining our local movie. i knew some that is ok to watch. i still think that tan sri p ramlee's movie still among the best as i would still laugh at the jokes even after thousandths times. i heard the pgl was great, but i was not too drawn to watch it in the cinema. especially when i had a traumatized experience watching lagenda budak setan as my last local movie watched in cinema prior to the launched of pgl. the last local movie i watched in the cinema was the hot air balloon in turkey movie plot (couldn't remember the title). it was ok, but the reason i watched it in the cinema was more because of the company rather than the movie itself.

anyway, back to this polis evo, i decided the first morning show and got myself for some popcorn and drink.

the moment the movie started, i got excited right away. the introduction did give high hopes that it would be a good movie. i wasn't expecting the story to be any different than other malay 'gangster' movie, especially when the main actors are zizan and saheizy sam. man, i was wrong.

salute to the whole team.
this movie is really a breakthrough to malay movies. the storyline and the actirs were great; yes, it's about a bad cop and good cop trying to bring down the bad guys.. but the bad cop is really bad, the good cop is really funny, the villains are really an academy award nominees who really can act! i really was laughing hard when the jokers were making jokes. i was touched during the emotional turmoils. i was surely nervous freaked when the villains just killed mercilessly. the cinematography is superb. the behind the scenes really put lots  of effort in it! the explosions were smooth, the scenic scenery was beautiful, the lightings the sounds the everything were five starts! 
this movie is something!
it's a mix of die hard series plus CSI plus ff7 and of course the uniqueness of malay movie with beautiful terengganu accent culture!

just go and watch it. worth every penny! deserve all the credit. surely satisfying!

jangan lah download or beli cetak rompak. penat depa produce quality works. the least we can do is support them!