Wednesday, October 28, 2015

his true colours

it's mr ashraf's birthday and i still haven't got anything in mind, yet. isn't that horrible??... well, i remembered him telling me, birthday is not for us to celebrate; it's the day we should honour our moms for all the hardship during labour.

and so, he's been living for 38yrs and 40% of that were shared with me, alhamdullillah. despite all the 'goodie2' words i posted in FB about him, him and i do agree that he's not 'that' angelic pun.

i do feel bad though.

there's a giant A3 cute card lying around the house. i has the urge to scribble things on it and give him as a birthday card. here's the thing, that card was bought last month, and was meant for MY birthday.. and it has been there since. yup, you read it correctly, my dear hubby bought it, and still thinking of what to write with what pen (he was thinking of using markers as it would take up more space and less words). for whatever reason, even after forty days, i still hasn't got any card from him. he told me 'i'm thinking  about it and it's the thought that counts'.. so, the wife mogok, no birthday card for him. 

my hubby says a lot if things. sometimes, i wonder how could he never runs out of 'good' escape answers. like below:

or, he could just say nothing 

and to the extent, he just sent me photos, wierd photos.

nak buat camne, nasib saya la kan..redhalah.. ;)

no doubt that he's the best aboh for our children. he teaches them to fish and only give the fish when they asked for 'ikang'. if they asked 'aboh, nak ikan', sampai besok la dia torture anak3 suh sebut 'ikang'. he's so fanatic with his terengganu roots. 'government terengganu bagi hadiah kalau terer exam,' he told us.

he once told his boys, 'before kahwin, kena ingat all the important dates. after kahwin, no worries, your wife will takes care of that!' dang!!!!!!
and today, as we were having this nice lunch with a serene ambience in shangri-la, he was telling me 'am replying a birthday message telling that we're having YOUR birthday lunch,' sebab memang dia janji nak belanja birthday tapi tunggu punya tunggu sampai ke sudah. and so, we did.

am not complaining! and am not keeping score, even if i'm winning. he is my man, for sure! for better for worse, for poorer for richer, in sickness in health, to cherish and to love; as long as we both still live, insyaallah. 

afterall, i doubt that anybody can be so loyal and supportive to me even all i can do is serve you that sambal bilis and instant coffee.

oh my dear apek, i just love you and been falling in love with you over and over again. 

loved you then 
love you still 

happy birthday, abang


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