Saturday, October 3, 2015

Movie Review: Polis Evo

the movie is too awesome to be just in a FB shoutout credits!!!!!

i wanted to 'ridicule' myself and opted to watch any malay movie yesterday. i'm not undermining our local movie. i knew some that is ok to watch. i still think that tan sri p ramlee's movie still among the best as i would still laugh at the jokes even after thousandths times. i heard the pgl was great, but i was not too drawn to watch it in the cinema. especially when i had a traumatized experience watching lagenda budak setan as my last local movie watched in cinema prior to the launched of pgl. the last local movie i watched in the cinema was the hot air balloon in turkey movie plot (couldn't remember the title). it was ok, but the reason i watched it in the cinema was more because of the company rather than the movie itself.

anyway, back to this polis evo, i decided the first morning show and got myself for some popcorn and drink.

the moment the movie started, i got excited right away. the introduction did give high hopes that it would be a good movie. i wasn't expecting the story to be any different than other malay 'gangster' movie, especially when the main actors are zizan and saheizy sam. man, i was wrong.

salute to the whole team.
this movie is really a breakthrough to malay movies. the storyline and the actirs were great; yes, it's about a bad cop and good cop trying to bring down the bad guys.. but the bad cop is really bad, the good cop is really funny, the villains are really an academy award nominees who really can act! i really was laughing hard when the jokers were making jokes. i was touched during the emotional turmoils. i was surely nervous freaked when the villains just killed mercilessly. the cinematography is superb. the behind the scenes really put lots  of effort in it! the explosions were smooth, the scenic scenery was beautiful, the lightings the sounds the everything were five starts! 
this movie is something!
it's a mix of die hard series plus CSI plus ff7 and of course the uniqueness of malay movie with beautiful terengganu accent culture!

just go and watch it. worth every penny! deserve all the credit. surely satisfying!

jangan lah download or beli cetak rompak. penat depa produce quality works. the least we can do is support them!

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