Tuesday, February 2, 2016

wind of change

you are stucked in an island,
with one girl who just couldn't stop thinking and planning on the what ifs,
with another who is religiously holding on into the principle of just go with the flow,
with another who is too nice and is there just to be 'bash' by the others for she just  'couldn't care less'.
at times me writing the above, i just wanted to share how grateful i was and still am being destined to meet two of my great girlfriends and had had the opportunity to have spent times away for a quick ladies only (kids not allowed) getaway.

it was 'challenging' in its own ways but we surely had fun.

and here i am, thinking why people couldn't change for betterment?
i always believe that people can change. cuma nak dengan tak nak je. it must come from the heart, the person him/herself.  

thing is, we, human are selfish, as expected, as always. we wish situation stays the way it is when it is favourable to us and we pray things to change 'for better' when things don't go our way. such a hypocrite, but face it, that's what life is.

in relationship, it gets harder. we hope things don't change, but it did. we hope things to change and it doesn't. and we end up hurting ourselves. likewise, as patti smiths puts it in her song, sometimes love just ain't enough!

times change, people change, situation change, needs and wants change. the only constant is allah.

for that, just be prepared. memang allah cipta manusia pelbagai kerenah. memang lumrah manusia, berharap dan terus-terusan berharap. pucuk pangkal, tanya hati. yang tak bagus, ubahlah. yang tak menyusahkan, kekallah. yang bahaya, buanglah. yang rosak, perbaiki.

yes, it's all in you!
but then again, you are not all alone.

to change or not to change!