Thursday, March 24, 2016

mama abah

i read in FB posting posted by a guy
it was about the 'right way'
(credit FB khairul hakimin muhammad)
it was sad to think of it. as time passes, i saw the loneliness in my aging parents' eyes.
nope, my husband never stopped me from seeing them.
but time has always be a constraint.
i miss spending times with them.
i promised myself to allocate times with them.
i have always been a spoilt daughter, and the have sacrificed sooooo much on me. 
i have three lovely kids of my own.
when i get old and they all grown up, i just wish they won't abandon me.
it was sad to admit, i'm doing it to my parents and it's not fair.
my excuse 'i'm busy'.
and yet, when i went out to meet my girlfriends and overstayed, a phone call to abah requesting him to pick up my kids at school less often got rejected.

mama, abah,
i know how lonely you could get
i know how you wish to have us around like we used to
i know you wouldn't mind the piling laundries, the messing living rooms, the dirty dishes; just so we are there..

as i cried writing this, feeling sorry for what i've done, i pray you both in allah's blessing in and out.

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