Tuesday, November 22, 2011


ok, it's all in the news again. the malaysian footballers did it again.. of course, there were times they lose their games and let us down.. but then again, like the game they had yesterday, they played well and they won! yeeaahhh..

there were six adults and eight kids in the house yesterday. but there was only me excitingly waiting for the kickoff. and as the others need to have dinner, i couldn't be there every seconds of the game. i saw the first 5 minutes when indonesia scored, and as i saw the indonesian fans, i thought to myself that we, msian, should not be putting high hopes. i missed the tie-score. and the game was extended until extra time with the same score. 

it was the penalty shootouts. when the indonesian missed the second penalty.. i was relief. then, the malaysian blew it. then came our 'secret weapon'.. dearie khairul fahmi a.k.a apek (hei, my hubby was known as apek too, wink wink).. he's a jewel! he saved the goal and we msian would always remember that (ok, maybe not always, but for now, he's the hero!). and, our last goal was saved and not saved.. it was our luck and rezeki of that last shootout!

anyway, can i be more prouder than i've been? of course i can.. as i was craddling the baby, trying to comfort her colic stomach.. i screamed!

as the news put it, it was the mother of all golds! cayalah...

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