Wednesday, February 29, 2012

and it's true

it's the day of the leap year. the irish believes that in this day in every four years, ladies are allowed to get down on bended knee and propose. it's totally acceptable to be out of norm for only this day, in every four years.

darn.. u really think we ladies will do that?

they said, men are losers for egos. their egos are so mountain high to the extend that the will keep on insisting telling the whole world that egg york is blue even when they know the right answer! on the other hand, we, women, allow men to stand by their egos. we give ways. we 'tolerate'. we just don't give a darn... why bother fighting over the colour of the egg york? we knew it's yellow, so what if he said it's blue?

my liltle cousin boy who is not so little anymore just updated his FB status from 'single' to 'in a relationship'... auuuwww... of course the whole world was shaken! and his mum is still in a denial stage. last weekend, this cousin of mine brought his gf to meet the aunties. nope - not the mum yet lah - but aunties and cousins. they went out double-date with another cousin of mine. this cousin of mine remind me of a boy i once knew.

a boy who would do anything for his love. a boy who spent all his allowance money to his love one. who boy who kept praising how grateful he was to found his soulmate. a boy who literally cut onions, minced the meat and cooked the rice just to serve home-cooked meal for his one and only. a boy who waited and waited and waited with a bouquet of red roses just to tell how much he missed the queen of his heart. a boy who called that girl his angel. a boy who dedicated this i promise you N Sync song (a-ha) to his sunshine.  

a boy, at that point of time,  having born with sky-scrapping ego, somehow was blinded by love, at least that what he thought at that point of time. they said love made you do silly things. and he proposed.

the girl, that queen of his heart, that soulmate, that one and only, that angel, that sunshine, was smitten, swept away with great feelings, head over feet about this boy. she can't imagine life without him. and she accepted.

suddenly, his vision become clearer. he once was blind, and now he sees. he once was fooled, and now he's wiser. at least, that what his out-of-this-world think.

and that girl, she just have to accept it. she said he'd changed! but to think again, he never did change!he just able to manage that ego well before this.

ke, ye ke?

Friday, February 10, 2012


i've drafted few postings - but still fail to publish em..
it's been the second month of the year, and i'm not sure if time flies or i've done so many things and too little time to really sit and reflect :)
work is waaaaayyy too much. but, that still didn't stop me of going off before 6. and frankly, my adrenaline boost definitely drop to its lowest if i were to talk about work.

aidan - he's been in 1 setia for a month by now! the first three days at school was traumatic - both for him and mama. as much as being such a independent boy as i thought, a boy is still a boy! i was worried sick on his schooling arrangment, and still am till today. but on his first day of school, i saw my boy and started to worried even more! he didn't fit in straight away with his mates. while others were busy making friends, playing chase, he just sit and watched. and mama was damn worried! i tried introducing him to his friend and let him be, but that didn't work out. then, we left him all alone .. he was having fun as he thought we were playing spy game.. so, he pretended he didn't see us, walked pass us and smiled and he looked fine. only to find out, the day after, when we wereee really spying on him and he couldn't see us, he cried in the middle of the canteen.. the other boys were running and passing by, ignoring him and he cried.. as much as my husband asked me to let him be, i ran straight away. i hugged him and i was teary. alalalalalalala... matter what, no matter how, when i saw him cried, it hurts the most! the image of him lost in the middle of nowhere, crying... this is aidan am talking about..not aimar, which crying is what he do to get whatever he wants la kan.. aidan, even when he was a toddler, he didn't cry as much. we went to toysrus and he saw toys he wanted, mama said no, he didn't cry. he saw the icecream and tempted to have a go and mama said no, he didn't cry. even he was in pain, he didn't cry! so, when i saw he cried, until today, i couldn't erase that moment! my instance thinking was he need to change the school. perhaps public school is not for him. that expensive private school might suited him better. and good friends of mine told me, i worried over nothing! as i'm writing this, aidan is doing fine, yup, he's school might not be the best, and if i can opt for a better school, i would. but i guess, it's not all about the school.. it's him growing up, and mama need to let him 'fly' once a while. despites his heavy load, and need to wait for my cousin to finish school then he can go back, i know he'll be doing fine. and me, keep on chasing time, waking up early to prepare his food, rushing over lunch to pick him up from school.. i'm doing at least a mother should be doing, so, as much as i am complaining about not having longer minutes sleeps, i'm ok. of course, school holiday is what i look forward for nowadays, so that i could have that extra half hour sleep :)

aimar - he had issues with the new teacher, mrs rajee. he was punished for making such a noise in class but all he was justifying to me "ala, i just have to stand on the floow - on the floor - not on the chair!"..boleh, camtu? i had enough of pinching, smacking and up to the extend using the clothes hanger and smacked him. so, one day, i decided to play reverse pschycology. i gave a him silent treatment, not talking to him, left him behind and let others took care of him.. and he cried, out loud, asking for forgiveness.. it was  a pity. he was crying, promising that he would behave bla bla.. but i had to be strong .. i spoke to him the day after, and i guess he learned his lesson, a bit, if not much! he's been doing good at school after the incident.. him being a baby, i need time to train him to grow up and grow out. 

aivey - she started to turn. she still having problem passing motion, but other than that, she's doing fine. o, she hates car! she'd cry whenever she's in the car and that is a big problem as we need to commute everyday.. good that i have my mum to accompany me so gramp can took care of her when she decided to throw tantrums!

o.. did i tell that aidan and aimar still ahve to wake up early on weekend for his 2-hours football session? yup! my weekend is filled too!

three kids are handsful!

so, don't blame me for not posting anything all this while..

so, what up with your life?