Tuesday, July 23, 2013

ya bladi ya blada

i'm dead bored. lost count of how many days i've been fasting..but aidan for sure has yet to miss any, alhamdullillah.. as for aimar, he tried with all his hard for 3 full days of fasting, which is an improvement to him.

i was having this lethargy feeling throughout my body. a sign of getting old. a swollen on my neck made it worst. i could hardly move my neck, and yesterday, when aivey simply smacked my neck, i screamed. it was painful.

aivey is getting bigger and i must admit she is a lil bit spoilt being the atuk's favourite. i re-phrase, she is spoilt big time, not just a lil bit.

aidan and aimar just being them. they introduced this slugterra game on the iphone and ipads..now, the whole family was addicted to it.


few days before fasting, my hubby and i managed to finally get away from the hustle bustle of the city, and of course from the three kids. i was a bit sad to leave them for four days, but we did.

it was the outstanding 'team building' get away that my hubby has been planning for quite a while. we went off to bali. and i must say, i love every bit of it. the villa, though the plunge pool was cold and not that shallow as expected, it was great.. it was worth the rm700 per night. the dinners... it were mostly great. the dinner we had at the samaya was superb. it wasn't easy to reserve a table in the restaurant..but we managed. my hubby managed. it was funny that when we called the hotel, they said the restaurant was fully booked. and when my hubby wrote an email to them, they said they can reserved a table for us. weird, but who give a heck as long as we could get the table. i, we, were impressed with the restaurant setting. it was as if set for us, the honeymooners.. it was beautifully decorated and very serene. i still love it love it love it.

bali in general is ok. being the lazy bum of us, we didn't really bother to do any touristy thingy.

but tell you what, been leaving with three growing up kids that wake up earlier than you and sleeps later than you, having a chance to be away from them for a short break, knowing they are in a good condition and being taken care of, is all both my hubby and i ever wanted. really. it was so peaceful. of course, on the fourth day, i started to whine to my hubby how much i miss the kids and their noise.


so, work? who give a heck. i know i don't.