Monday, March 5, 2012

répondez s'il vous plaît

alhamdullillah, we've successfully gone thru the aqeqah's event for the two princess last saturday.. (o no, it's been a week, already?). the day went smoothly. the event itself was great. the tent, the food, the goodies, the tahfiz, the marhaban.. everything went beyond my expectation... it went great. even the girls were co-orperating well. the were so beautiful with that nice dress (and yes, the dress alone was RM250 each!). the dessert tables with the choc fountain were superb! the goodies, with lots of hard labour (even my uncles need to gets their hands dirty doing crafty thingy..)

anyway, things went well. and i just can't wait for the photos to be ready.

it's a 'small' event. supposedly. we decided to invite just close friends and relative. but then again, conscious of being a good hostess, my major concern would always be not enough food and goodies. we expected around 150 - 200pax. i've invited around fourty friends. somehow, my friends did not show up as many as yeen's. was i upset? i wasn't, particularly.. the food was sufficient for all guest, and not much went to waste. yeen's friends turned up better than mine.

and it made me wonder.. was all my friends were that bad that they said they just can't wait for the event and wanted to see my baby and said they would come, but turned out only seven families of all came? hold the thoughts! they never bother saying they would come or not. of course, a few of them have declined my invitation when i told them the date. but, there were too many that didn't even bother to respond to my invitation? does it really a requirement for me to put in my invitation r.s.v.p? i guess the turned out will be great if the event was to be done in that 5-star hotel restaurant. nope, i'm not mad. i totally understand - having the event on saturday night would definitely be quite a task, especially for those with kids. but on the other hand, people, why didn't you bother telling me when i invited you that you are not able to come? i won't ask for the details. of course i'll be a bit sad that you can't join and share our happiness during the event. i wanted you to join and that's why i invited you at the first place. i didn't simply invite everybody just because. i invited you because you are supposed to be my friend. frankly, as much as my mouth would say something like "takde hadiah ke?".. i really didn't mean it and i will be very very happy to see you makign the effort to come and i appreciate it. but, i really appreciate if you could tell me if you plan not to come. i'm sure you have your own valid reason not to come, and i'm ok.

but do i really deserve the anticipation anxiety to ensure my guests are all well served when i should not even bother the attendance at all?

why la people? susah sangat ke nak respond?

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