Wednesday, April 4, 2012

i got your number

fact is my mate has yet to finish reading the book, i can't write much about the new book by my favourite author sophie kinsella.... but, what i can conclude is ' hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah '.. if the shopaholic series were hilarious, this latest book of ms kinsella really tickels my funny bone almost every page. started with how clumsy a girl can be, then she started being ridiculous, next she reacted beyond thinking, and up to the extend it reaches humankind insanity. but i must tell you, after a loonng break reading good books, i really really love reading this book! and i realize reading it is all i need once a while. good that i have my dearest red scoot who shares the ebook with me.. it's insane.and then again, as i don't want to be a spoiler, i let her finish reading it... and am sure i can talk about it when she completed the book. on the other hand, what a name for a main character, poppy wyatt.. no commercial value at all! but again, i love love love every bits of this book, thought there were parts that quite unrealistic..what the heck.. a very good light reading material as a kick-start.

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