Sunday, July 1, 2012


i always believe i'm not that good a mother i am, i can always be better, but to some extend, i trust i've tried ny best to be the greatest mum to my kids.

this is what i wanted the world to know what kind of a mother i am:
- i breastfed all three of my kids bcoz with that it would make my life easier; i do not have to bother about the bottles, hot water etc .. the milk is always 'on the go'
- i left the kids with my aunts so that i could get some extra time alone for myself
- i pushed my kids to their limits as uf the exam they are taking is the end of their world if they fail
and the list goes on..

people might see me as incompetent, or hampeh as some put it

no matter what my reasons are, i decided just to ignore what people said.

what matters most are to know how great the kids behave comparing to others, how smart they are in making their own wise decision and still respect their mum's word, how proud they made me for excelling in things that matters.. so, if that's the result fir being incompetent, i don't mind being one!!

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