Sunday, February 10, 2013

diftong? digraf?

it's not even noon yet, and i'm all stressed out revising his bahasa malaysia subject. gosh, he was only 8, and yet he has to understand frasa, ayat tinggal, konsonan bergavung, digraf, diftong and all those words i never thought would have exist! i don't understand how all these things would help kids to learn how to open a bank account later in their life!!

aiyyooo.. and aidan showing least interest in learning frustrates me more. his mind was occupied elsewhere. perhaps was hoping he could get awat with the revision session sooner, kot.. and as he's not showing any positive progress worries me more.

just as much as i'm in the midst of giving up, i was thinking of his teachers back at his schools, and all-boys school.. i could hardly have patience teaching my own son, i must salute the teachers who decided to come to school every morning to ensure thirty of their students, of someone elses' boys,in a class at least understand what they are trying to teach.. adoimak.. salute, i should

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