Friday, June 14, 2013

funny thing they call love

love is weird.. well, ya, tell us something new la kan.

you get jealous,
you get mad,
you get worried,
you get curious
you cry, yell and scream..
just because you care.

love grows by giving. to attain love, you need to give.
mathematical logic in love, one and one are one.

love makes us blind
it gives butterflies in your stomach
it makes our heart thumps
love hurts us once a while
sometimes you could hardly swallow the truth
love denies your right as human kind
love demands sacrifices

but  again, will this make us stop loving? will this be  the evidence that love has long gone.

then, there he is.. my love
he never stop loving, and he never stop giving his love.
he's a human being with flaws, and i am no sane with my own flaws
he never stops believing in us
why must i

it's a funny thing they call love

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