Thursday, December 19, 2013

aidan's 8th bday

we have about a week before i started my chemo.
i won't lie by telling i'm all set. i was and still am scared.
but as we started sharing the news with families and close friends, i felt so much love that build up my strenghts. my hubby consistently explaining to me on how i will feel etc and me, i somehow find something that has been missing in my life, the spiritual side in me. and i can never thank allah enough for the chances He gave me to live a better life. i know He will always be there no matter what. yup, it's a sad thing that i just got to realized it now, but alhamdullillah, it's never too late to change for a better.

we celebrated aidan's bday as planned.
aidan wanted a futsal bday party, despite the bday would fall on school holidays. he was busy distributing the invites, made sure his buddies made it for the day.
it was the simplest bday arrangement we've ever made. i booked the court for 3 1/2 hrs.
we  paid someone to deal with the candy buffet table and the goodie bag and even the banner. my hubby had to get the tables and chairs from my aunt's shop, so, that was a bit hassle. my aunt prepared the fried beehoon which my mom paid for. my bro-in-law paid for the KFC. my bro bought the pizzas. and we bought some McDs and drinks and some junks.. haha very healthy!!;)
my dad and my cousin sponsored few gifts for the lucky draw and the futsal winners.
the kids enjoyed the game. the adults had fun teasing too. i must thanked all aidan's friends' parents who drop their kids and some even stayed for the games.
the party was great. the kids had fun times.

while i was healthier;)

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