Sunday, December 29, 2013

thank you

am on my second cycle of my chemotheraphy treatment.. who would have thoughts.
i'll describe about it a little later..
but what i want to tell you people out there..
thanks a zillion bunch!!
i have soo much love
prayers came endlessly
well wishers uncountables
those beautiful thoughts remind me how i was not all along
thank you kind people!!
orang cakap, berat mata memandang, berat lagi bahu memikul..
frankly, let me doubt that for once.
my hubby, kids and families been putting their very hard to support me
my friends keep reminding me how much they missed my company
everybody was hoping things were different
and everything changes
and i really felt touched
that was the strenght

abang, manje kuat sebab manje ada abang.
aidan, aimar, aivey, mama tak kuat sangat sekarang ni, tapi mama look forward for a healthier me to spend more times with you people
abah, mama, yeen, mi, k ani, miton, mum and semua2, thank you
kekawan, the doa really heal

this is just a start.
setiap waktu, masa, tenaga, ingatan, doa are my theraphy.
thank you

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  1. ainnnnn....aja tau ko sakit ni...takziah di atas ujian yg menimpa eh...sabar positive k...