Tuesday, August 19, 2014

all of us

"vv ni manje sangat lah"
"vv tak manje, mama manje"
"mama manje? kenapa mama manje"
"aboh.." (a going-to-be-three-year old girl's answer, trying to tell her mama that was what her father's called her mom, 'manje'

it's august...
tomorrow, it will mark our tenth year wedding anniversary, the day i was officially his wife, the day he was my 'abang', and we pray it's for eternity, insyaallah...
i was soaked with emotions lately.
it's been a decade..
of course i've imagined this day will come..
we were happily married.
we celebrated the anniversary in the most grande celebration..
he showered me with lots of expensive gifts..
and many more..
but then, he won't be around on the day itself.
he's going to be working, offshore..
but then again, we'll be clebrating it once he's back..soo looking forward for the day..

i want this feeling, eternally
feeling of being the most luckiest girl having him as my husband
feeling of being endowed with sooo much blessing for the life i'm in now
feeling of being so true to myself and could never thank allah enough with all that has been bestowed upon me and our family

he may not be a perfect spouse and neither do i
i won't lie that there wasn't a time that i locked myself in the bathroom for crying outloud as a protest of being pissed at him
of course he raised his voice at me once a while when i was in my stubborn-head mode (and it scares me when i see myself in aivey's)
there were times we yelled at each other just because we were sore losers and we forgotten about each other's feelings
and the list goes on...

that's the beauty in one's marriage life!

we went through a lot
sweet and sour
hot and spicy
and i can never thank allah for letting me the chance to build the life with this special guy
he's handsome - he's my full time model
(and if zul ariffin is sweet when he smile 'senget'ly, wait till you see his senget smile..so original!)
he's smart - he's my wikipedia, my google, my walking dictionary
he takes up responsibilities - what a lucky wife i am, i spend my money, and i spend his money too.. i spend his money more than he spend his!
he's full of tolerance - trust me, you don't want to deal with a half dead human being who is going through 8 times chemo and 33 times radio.. ask him - it's a hell..
he's rational -you can never win an argument with the girl you love, but win their heart, and you'll be your own winner
he picks fight - he asks questions until he gets the answers that he wants to hear, not the answers what his wife tells him.. carik pasal kan tu?
he breaks promises - when he said "be there in five minutes", don't take his words unless you want to waste your time nagging about time management
he sleeps unconsciously - be it a fire in the house, may we were there with him or he'll fry himself
he's hopeless romantic -  he dedicates to me a song (finally, it;s a mellow love song): lagu john legend, all of me. fyi, the last song he dedicated to me was butterfly, crazytown (still love that song though)
he's so chandler - he's full of sarcasms and yet you laugh
too many of him, as much as me in us
i love him head to toe
i love him for all he is for he love me the same
i love him
i love him
i love him

happy 10th anniversary and let's pray for a lot of tens more, insyallah
i still want to do a lot of my first times with you..
and i want to go through with you for your many firsts too..

150 Juta - Fynn Jamal
Untuk kali keseratus lima puluh juta
Mereka tanyakan engkau soalan yang sama
“Eh kenapa kau masih lagi mahukan dia?”
“Apa kau buta, apa kau pura-pura suka”

Di seratus lima puluh juta kali itu
Di depan semua engkau tarik tangan aku
Yang sedang buat muka kosong tak ambil tahu
Sambil ketawa engkau bilang satu per satu

“Dia mungkin bengis seperti singa”
“Tapi dia nangis tonton cerita Korea”
“Dia mungkin keras bila bersuara”
“Tapi dia jelas, jujur apa adanya”

“Aku lagi kenal dia”

Dah lebih seratus lima puluh juta kali
Aku pesan padamu apa yang bakal jadi
Engkau dan aku ada mungkin tidak serasi
Engkau sangat manis, aku ini pula dawai besi

Di setiap seratus lima puluh jutanya
Aku pun dalam hati semacam tak percaya
Apa kau lihat pada aku jujurkan saja
Terus kau cubit dagu aku, sambil berkata

“sayang mungkin baran tak kira masa
tapi sayang tahan kalau yang salah saya
sayang mungkin saja keras kepala
tapi sayang manja bila kita berdua–

saya kenal sayang saya”

Buat apa dicerita
Bahagia kita rasa
Biar tak dipercaya
Peduli orang kata

Baju ronyok tak apa
Asal pakai selesa
Berkilau tak bermakna
Kalau hati tak ada

Aku lebih bengis dari sang naga
Tapi bisa nangis semata demi cinta
Suaraku keras tak berbahasa
Kerna aku rimas gedik mengada-ngada

Aku mudah baran tidak semena
Mana boleh tahan angin cemburu buta
Dan aku sengaja tunjuk keras kepala
Aku punya manja, kau saja boleh rasa

Rahsia kita berdua.