Thursday, January 28, 2016

fairy tales do comes true

i want to write
i want to write something that can be learned
i want to write a fairy tale, a real one
once upon a time, in a land far far away.
there was a beautiful kingdom ruled by the cruelest tyrant who was so 'powerful' and no one or nothing can stop him from being barbaric and demonish!
what made it worst, he had his loyal followers. they were not cruel, but just plain moron who were selfish and would do anything, just to make believe. 
they would kill, harm and even said the darnest things though it would mean parading their brainless sense.. just for him, only him. and of course, behind a heartless man, there's always that queen who entices him well for her own benefits. (not much know about the queen as she didn't talk much to the public as she was busy grooming herself)

and so, this tyrant, living up to his name, never knew what difficulties were. he was born in a bed of gold and was fed with a flowing river milk. he was so filthy rich that he grew up spoilt.

he led a lavish life. he used all the country's resourcing believeing that he owned it. and when the resource are depleting, he found himself a donor. he was so impressed with his skills, to the extent that when the donor gave him mountains of gold, he realized he just need just a piece of land, hence, he returned the mountains back to the donor. and he got away, in his silence. 

but of course, he returned back the mountains after he got he shares to make up for the land. at least, that's what he told his countrymen.

apparently, the donated gold were only made known when a smart sang kancil was trying to dig out where has the country's resources has been spent on. it has been missing, for a purchase of a landmine that never existed by the country-owned company. 

the smart sang kancil was still roaming in the jungle, but somehow, the tyrant decided to kill everyone who seem to buy the sang kancil's ideas. that included his own appointed deputy. 

he picked those who he could buy. those moron who believe smart talking sang kancil was just a myth. what they did were beyond thinking, wordless. but then again, they were convinced that the tyrant had returned the mountains of gold that had been donated. he was so noble and true, to them. 

the question about the country's resources was still left unattended. he and his followers were so convinced that they convinced their fellow countrymen. 

they convinced their countrymen all right. just enough to show how stupid, selfish, heartless a person can be!

fairy tales do come true. and the fairy tale i just wrote, is still ongoing. there's more into it. the chapter of the tryant andhis  followers agreeing to sell the country's air, skies and seas. they sold the land alright. 

i'm confident that there will surely be a happy ever after story.
just a matter of time.
for now, just sit back, eat the popcorn and enjoy!

"And it is He who has made you successors upon the earth and has raised some of you above others in degrees [of rank] that He may try you through what He has given you. Indeed, your Lord is swift in penalty; but indeed, He is Forgiving and Merciful (al-anaam; 165)"

Lord is swift in penalty.
Bertaubatlah insan, Allah Maha Pengampun.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

never too late to say goodbye

o my
it's gonna be wk2 of 2016..
of course, we bid farewell to great 2015 and am looking forward for greater 2016.
and so, before jan ends, i guess i'm obliged to write anything i could remember for 2015, before it's gone.. just like that..
it has been a lot.

i was officially a full-time 'not-working' hotty mom. trust me, adjusting to answer 'what am i working as?' was difficult. as much as i love not working, our community stigma (at least my family's stigma) on not working has always been someone who is lazy, not educated and just stay at home doing nothing. like all other homemakers, how i wish that opinion could be change. but i guess, it won't prove anything. people has always be selective. they just listen to what they want to hear. they just see what they want to see. they just say what they want  to say. best is, just let it be.

i love having time with my children. the first fifteen minutes in the car ferching them from school will always filled with juicy gossips and stories that would surely make up my days. how much i was envied by working moms who  are hoping their children are back in one piece and the bus drivers are responsible enough to drive safely and i can do that myself! 

2015 for the boys were great. they made us proud and i'm the proud mom. aivey went to kindy in april. she was fine. she didn't have lots of close friends, but she is friendly. the best thing was she has been potty-trained! yeaaayyyy!!!

in Feb 2015, my hubby was told to report in the office and he will no longer be working offshore. it was awkward. after 8 yrs, he has always been going after long break, and now no more. truth is, i miss him working offshore. at least his long break was undisturbed instead of just weekends now that he's working 9-6 5days a week. but i'm glad that he would make it a point to make sure he'll packed his stuff by 6pm. so, no long hours in the office. 

2015 also brought me on how 'wierd' people can be. there was this old maid that think she's all right. she so wierd that after she called me names and apologize but not giving explanation, she had to fabricate stories that she has to lidged police reported because she felt threatened by me. hahahaha.. she's a high-ranking single lady in her thirties and has the gut to act such way. o dear, I sympathised!  and i also had it bad with my dearly beloved cousin sister. but i guess, everyone thinks we do have rights on  our feelings and opinions and views. we sometimes forget how everything in this world is never be permanent. atas belas kasih Allah, nyawa kita juga adalah pinjaman.

2015 brought me friendship. my hubby encouraged me to spend time with my girl friends. he was just worried should i get bored doing nothing. and i'm happy that with me not working, i can find times spending it with my girlfriends.. though they are working, best was me to brag to them 'i can meet you girls anytime'.

i lost my beloved tok wan this year. it was heartbreaking seeing my dad by his bed, holding his dad's hand, wiping his dad's body and taking care of that old body. i miss my tok wan. his love was so true and pure and he has lived a good life. the day he left, everything went smoothly and insyaallah, he's in a good hand. cuma sedih bila teringat tok.. the moment tok and tok wan at his last hours of his life was heartbreaking. 

and we lost our good friend shazril. he's such a lovely friend. moga diampun dosa mereka dan moga allah permudahkan urysan tina dan anak2. 

me and my hubby? i'll be lying if I would say everything was great. we did have our arguments and ugly fights. i hate to remind me if them. but i guess our honeymoon in December was greatest ever! alhamdullillah. we finally touched down jeddah airport, off to madinah for three days and seven days in mekah. allahuakbar.. it was such a great experience and i never want to stop talking about it. we surely want to go back there. jemput kami ya allah.

2015 has gone 9 days ago. 

it has never been better.