Friday, January 19, 2018

Alhamdullilah, Aimar is OK!

I was doing the (neverending) housekeeping and putting aside books that I could give to the class library. I realized this book is new and I don’t  remember buying it for the boys.

I opened the first page and saw these notes - and I was reminded of the time Aimar came back from school one day, last year, excitedly telling me that Tchr Nadzirah gave him the book as a reward. I never knew there was a special notes for Aimar and reading it the first time gave me mixed happy guilty feelings...

I felt in love reading the notes. A stranger who never knew us, twelve months ago was putting comforting words to my dear son and it is soooo genuine and she meant well.

Subhanallah. Sayang Allah dekat kami, diberinya peluang bertemu dengan orang baik-baik. Cikgu ni, she's not the only one... Terlalu ramai cikgu2 Khalifah yang terlalu baik hati dengan anak2 saya, and truthfully, I could hardly pay their ingenuity and love with any amounts of material goods... my best gift would be doa mereka bahagia, doa mereka disediakan syurga - to some, this may sound 'cheapskate', but I know, all I want in life is bahagia and syurga and I believe doa works ...Insyaallah, ArGhaffur ArRahim Maha Mendengar dan Maha Mengetahui.

Back to the notes, as I kept on reading, I realized how we, adults kept forgetting that sometimes children are the best teachers to us instead! Never shut them off, please.

the first page was all sweet and ooohhh and aahhhhh

and I was teary after reading this page. Dear Teacher, please know that Aimar kept asking his mama "macamana? macamana?" too; and the different between you and me, you realized the need to answer that question while I 'shut ' him off by 'forcing' him to sabar, mintak doa, control yourself, behave and all those things that are in the book and everyone else can comply and so should him, me forgetting to wear Aimar's shoes when I instructed him to sabar. I realized Aimar stop asking me THE question, and reading your noted made me feel so guilty to him and I do really owe him a lengthy explanation bonding time to take up time (lots and lots and lots) teaching him macammana - a learning process, always for him, me and all of that he would get the answer, one day, Insyaallah. 

I wish the teacher who gave Aimar this note read this post.. I will personally thank her when the opportunity comes, but I just want her to know I can never thank her enough for all the budi she sow in Aimar's, penuh ikhlas, penuh kasih. Terima kasih, Teacher.  

Dear Aimar, when you are big enough and manage to find your own time reading this post, find the best time in your life to thank all your teachers knowing how much they put their hopes and dreams and love on you. Dear Aimar, you'll do great and you will remember you are great for Allah has allowed you to meet all these beautiful teachers in our life, Alhamdullillah. 

Aimar! O, Aimar!
I felt so guilty and I really owe this post to him. He is going to be 11yo this October. He has surely have his own 'brand' of himself ... 
sapa buat? Aimar! 
sapa jatuh? Aimar! 
sapa duduk tak diam? Aimar! 
sapa teacher nak jumpe? Aimar!
... but I kept forgetting when he came back from school and kept updating me 
"ma, hari ni solat zohor, Aimar jadi imam"
 "ma, tadi asar Aimar muazzin"
 "ma, teacher bagi cokelat ni sebab Aimar jawab soalan semua betul"
 "ma, Aimar nak hafal Al-Waqiah lagi 15ayat je lagi"
... astaghfirullahhilazim... that Aimar is second after the Aimar yang tertinggal homework kat sekolah :(

Aimar, mama mintak maaf!

Two days ago, in the car, Aimar was making conversations with Aboh. 
"Aboh, masa Ta'ruf week kan, Teacher Huda panggil nama 5 orang students. Dia suruh pergi tepi. Lepas tu dia panggil Aimar dulu. Aimar dah dalam hati ingat apalah masalah Aimar dah buat!"
"Aimar buat apa?" Aboh tanye.
"Rupanya, Teacher Huda nak bagi recognition sebab Aimar has been good and Teacher suruh show lagi best example untuk adik-adik!"
I remembered him telling me that weeks ago, but I forgot to tell my husband and I felt so guilty.  I would usually tell my husband right away on good (or bad) achievements (or issues) the children did so that we could thanked, recognized and encouraged (and also warned, if need be) them to be at their best. 
For forgetting to tell my husband immediately on his credits, and he has to tell it himself, I knew I owe him an apology - I did tell him I'm sorry as I forgot to tell aboh and I told him we were proud of him...but I knew, I was a bit 'late' in rewarding him.

Semalam, there were Syeikh Kamal (A US Scholar) came to the school for a meet &greet session with the students. He was talking about halal and haram. Alhamdullillah, I had the opportunity to listen to his sharing, and I saw Aimar was waving at me when he saw me. And I was like..emmm... duduk belakang! 

How wrong my impression of my own flesh and blood... he was sitting at the back.. so what?.. On that day, Subhanallah, Maha Besar Allah, saja Allah nak tunjuk how doa works... I have been praying that Aimar could control and carries himself well  in public.. Ada anak super-active macam Aimar ni, kekadang risau gak.. 

Listen to this clip ( Aimar's moment with Syeikh Kamal)... 

That morning, I witnessed the kindness of Ar-Rahim. His kindness to Aimar, to me and his dad. Alhamdullillah. Yup! Aimar nailed it!


Nope, it may not be a big thing. Rezeki Allah nak tunjuk tetiba datang idea dia nak jawab 'perfectly' (aboh cakap dia dapat soalan bocor sebab aboh pernah discuss dengan dia and AbgDan soalan tu masa on the way balik surau).. And that doesn't mean by giving great answer, he would stop moving around and spills things off or slips himself out of the blue... But Allah showed me betapa setiap anak itu amanah dan rahmat! 
And Aimar is our amanah and rahmat. 

Hmm... tetibe, mama rasa banyak pulak posting panjang-leret pasal Aimar dalam blog ni....

Sayang, just want to let you know, you are special, in your own way, just like Abg Aidan and Aivey are special in their own way too.... 

For whatever, mama aboh never stop berdoa for all of you become the great khalifah of Allah, amalkan amar makruf nahi mungkar, dan jadi penyambung zuriat kami dan lahirkan zuriat yang soleh solehah untuk keturunan mama aboh. Insyaallah. 

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