Wednesday, February 10, 2010


i was reading the Her World article about ladies that have reached the zone thirty plus and yet single and happy.. they called themselves "freemales" and i relaly love that terms..

nope, i'm not single.. i am so much in love and i do Thank Allah for allowing me to found the love of my life and enjoying it every seconds (of course there's always time we fight once a while)... back to the freemales.. i've known a bunch.. most are my close "bestest' friends.. some are families..

my closest cousin is going to be 36 next month.. the fact she's not dating any guy for the past ten years or so really worries her mum. her (the mum) phone bills were hike up lately as she's been calling every friends she knew to match-make her single daughter.. but my cousin, she doesn't care.. she's happy the way her life is.. perhaps, some times, though she didn't express it out, she might wish she could have some male-freind that can be a potential huuby for her.. but most of the time, she's just happy.. i think.. she can spend all the money she earns on expensive stuff.. she can have all the time in the world for her social acitivites with her friends.. she doesn't have to worry about kids' schools etc.. and when she need some loving feeling and to be in touch with kids, she always have my beloved sons to share the feelings.. she loves my sons very a cousin, i want to see her falling in love, so that i knew someone can take care of her.. i want to see her to get married, so that we (the family) can have reason to spend money on clothings, souverniers etc.. i want to see her to have kids of her own and i bet she'll be a fantastic mother.. and, though i did not share this directly to her, i always pray for her to meet her jodoh.. but then again.. she wouldn't mind with her life, and she must have her own reason of choosing that life..i wouldn't mind staying freemale if i were her.

one of my bff is reaching her fantabalous-forty in two weeks time.. a single mother of a smart girl.. she is still looking for real man to love and to be in love.. got married and being fooled by love.. she has her own stories to tell and somehow she lost faith in love (with male species).. after what she's gone thru, i can't blame her for her strong arguments that "men are idiots and love sucks"! i will stop trying for love if i were her.

a friend of a friend went for a blind date that end up she was paying for the dinner.. imagine who will be paying for the rest of life if they decided to get married.. argghhh..scary thoughts! i would be single if i were her.

another girlfriend was in love with this guy who has left because his mother did not approve the girl.. just because she is not kelantanese.. and to that man, you know at the first place you should be amrried to your mother, why bother wasting other people's time? i would definitely proud to be single rather than dating this no-balls-son of this silly mother!

still, one bff of mine - she met boys, dated them, and always end up with "were we dating?" and the dating games ended before its even started.. knew her for the past twelve (thirteen?) years.. and shared her stories boys meet girls.. and if i were to be in her shoe, i will stop finding love as love keep telling lies to her... the good thing was, her love came when she was not even looking.. and she's getting married and i am so happy for her .. i must warn her man that he really needs to take good care of her.. 

what i'm trying to say is that.. yes.. now that valentine is just around the corner.. all those lovers out there just can't wait to celebrate the love (and you know this applies just to those who not married, yet, right? you should know, once you get married, the most you can do during valentine's is the sex, if time permits and if the kids decided to go to bed as early as midnight)...again, to all the single ladies out there.. i do envy the idea that you girls no need to worry if you are getting 'some' or not on valentines' night.. (ok, i must give credit to my hubby as we don't really celebrate valentines' even when we were dating.. but this year, he already arranged for us to go for nice dinner...) but then again, love is always there for you girls to cherished.. have fun and have a good valentines' day girls... being single would definitely the ultimate decision when all the men that were listed in the date-list were ego-maniac, male-chauvinist bastards.. somehow, i must agree with the statement "all the good men are taken".. and one of them is mine, so hands off ladies... but again, if it were meant to be, the love is there waiting for you.. as a good friend, please know i always pray for your happiness.. that is the keyword-the reason whether you choose to be free-males or not.  

Monday, February 1, 2010

tales from a honeymoon hotel

with the boys, and am juggling between meetings with customers,managing the house chores, the laundries, the dinners, monitoring aidan and his schoolworks, driving up and down kl-kemaman.. i could hardly find time to read a decent book for the past one, two, three years.. i lost track.. i always love reading books.. fiction easy-reading paperbacks.. the shopaholics collection, and cecelia ahern's and many more.. not much that i gain, especially not the latest info of technologies or what happened with the world, and not the self-help book.. no-no.. i just love readings those romantic comedy books, just to fulfill my 'free' time.. but again, lately, i could even managed to complete the monthly magazines i bought, and out of blue, i found out i'm buying the latest month mags before completing the previous month... and it's february already.. time doesn't fly.. time jets off.. supersonic..

anyway, i managed to complete reading the tales from a honeymoon hotel.. nope, i'm not going to write the review.. the book is ok.. nothing so fancy about it..three couples on honeymoon met at Korcula town and bumped into each others, and the honeymoon ended.. but again, i couldn't stop reading.. not because the story line was so interesting.. just because been so long since i could find time to read a 400pages book without interuption..

and reminded me about marriage, love, faith, trust and all sort of things..
a 18-years relationship in jeopardy for a one-night stand that happened six years before. and if i was gemma, i can totally relate to her.. it's not really the one-nighter (yarr rriigghtt, and so i say).. but it's the trust.. andy got the chance to tell her the truth when she asked, but he didn't.. he created another lie on top of the lie.. and bummer.. gemma found out.. yup, to all hubbies out there.. don't think you will get a away with things like this.. we may not found out immediately, we may not ask, we may not know.. but the wife instinct is so strong it can kills anybody! and it's fact..
then, there was early twenty year old girl who just graduated, and got pregnant to coach of hers and keeps telling her that he loves her so much, but he is married and she can't have the baby.. bugger... man can do that, you know.. the baby inside the womb is not a life to them.. it just a mistake.. but then, there was mark, who cared so much and doesn't care if jo is carrying his best friend baby.. he still loves jo, with all his heart.. he proposed to jo, and jo accept.. it took a while for jo to learn to love, but she did.. and what i learn from them.. you can always learn to love somebody, especially when the person truly in love with you.. hmm... love is always there.. always.. 
and as for ruby-harrold relation.. the 50-year old couple.. not much that i can say.. when love is there, no matter how no matter what, you will always have each other .. and i want to die old with him, my dearest..

i'm not saying being in love is so fantastic.. there's ups and downs.. sometime we quarrels and cry out loud.. most of the time, we just let it flow as time passess by and when we learn to understand and tolerate.. we are not destined to be perfect, and so does our partner.. but, having each other make us stronger.. at least, once a while, to have someone to hug us for no reason, to have someone to nurse us when we are down with fever, to have someone to just be there for us.. it is soothing..