Friday, April 29, 2011

the royal proposal

i'm not one of those lunatic fans of the monarch who just can't wait to see kate dressed in white; to see that receding hairlines of that once-upon-a-time-a-handsome-prince.. but as it's the talk of the town, i did waste some of my time googling and youtubing about the royal wedding. 

as my hubby's away and with my pregnancy hormone at its peak, i got carried away easily... way back when he proposed me. that would be seven and half year ago.. of course we've been going out way before that, and talked about getting married, having kids of our own and many more... but thinking back the seconds he proposed.. i could fly, over and over again.

it was my birthday. we've planned for our formal engagement event in two months time, so, i told him we need to go to the jeweller to get the ring for the event. i specifically told him that i wanted to be around when he bought the that i won't get upset if the ring he'd chosen without my go-ahead did not meet my expectation.. or at least, to my acceptable and affordable specification la kan. earlier that day, he brought me to the jewellery shop. he pointed me to a few design, and i showed him this particular ring that i would like to own. i thought he wanted to buy at that instance, but he did not. he said he'll come back for later.

we celebrated our birthday to a simple dinner and midnight movie. if i wasn't mistaken, we were watching this one korean horror movie that night. and as we walked to the car, i settled for the seat, and he opened the carboot. in a matter of second, he passed me a bday card.. hmm.. being him, i knew i couldn't expect much pun. i read the card, and once completed reading that long sweet bday wishes and how he told me in the card that he can't wait for us to be united, i looked up at him.. he was on bended-knee, at the carpark, with klcc view behind us, and he was with the ring, the ring that he said he would be later.. i was stunned. i don't remember him being away from me right after we went away from the jewellery shop.. there's no way he could bought it with me around!.. 

and here's how he explained..

him, with his shorts and slippers, went to klcc earlier. and his first destination was the tiffany's... and it's true when they said 'it's the thought that counts!'. he told me, the salesperson was very helpful. when she said 'how can i help you?'. he told her 'i'm looking for an engagement ring'.. and next, it was history.. he said, he learned about the cut, clarity and carat.. and the salesgirl, being professional told him (when he said his budget was half then what was the cheapest tiffany's could offer - and he even lied when he eyed the cheapest range they have!) "congratulation on your engagement, perhaps you would come again here for your tenth anniversary gift"... hint!hint! bang, the tenth anniversary is coming in next three years.. wink!wink!

then he went to habib.. he found one nice cute afforable ring.. he decided that would be the ring and he bought it. when he brought me to the shop later that evening, he just wanted to confirm that he was making the right choice, that suit my liking. it was lucky grab that i picked the one he already bought!

and again, looking at him on bended-knee, with the ring that i thought he hadn't bought yet, proposing, i felt like a princess.. it was beautiful!

aaaggghhhh... i want to get married again and again with that prince charming of mine !!!


pretty ladies

being a nice diva-ish sophisticatd lady, no matter how closed i am to my divas cliques, i doubt that i would say straight to her face "o my, you look so chubby", not to her face, and of course not in public domain such as facebook... and especially to a person whom i know is four month pregnant!

gosh. how insane could a person be? madly insane moron, i would say. yet, i have all rights in the world to hate her for that.

ladies are always conscious of being pretty. there's no ugly man but an o-kay man, but there's always an ugly lady. some is born with the gift of being pretty. some try their very best to look pretty. but trust me, all ladies want to feel pretty. it boost our confidence level, and we can own the world at our fingertip.

when i was on my first tri-mester (of all three pregnancies), i was the ugliest lady i've ever know. all those sickness, nauseas and vomits took control over my mind, body and soul. i was at my lowest peak of prettiness, and i feel down for knowing i was ugly. now i'm entering my second tri-mester, i must admit i don't really take priority on looking pretty, but at least, i tried not to have that out-of-bed look 24-7.. and don't deny me, pregnant lady doesn't need to go to extra mile to look pretty.. that bump on the tummy add to the prettiness (and yup, it's not everybody's prop to touch! why, people, why?especially when you are a stranger to me.. hands off!). and of course, being pregnant is the only time you are allowed to be chubby and anyone who would ask "you gain weight, huh?" is definitely a stupid insane moron!  and of course, with or without the hormone imbalance, i have perfect reason to hate this moron!

so what if i look chubbier? dduuhh...

Friday, April 22, 2011

tell him

the song 'tell him' by vonda shepard, the ost from ally mcbeal been playing over and over and over again in my mind.. and i just realized how much i love that song once upon a time and i could repear the whole song over and over and over again from my player.. yup, i have her CD.

Tell him Lyrics:

I know something about love. You've gotta want it bad
If that guy's got into your blood, go out and get him
If you want him to be the very part of you
That makes you want to breathe, here's the thing to do...

Tell him that you're never gonna leave him
Tell him that you're always gonna love him
Tell him, tell him, tell him, tell him right now

I know something about love. You gotta show it and make him
See the moon up above. Reach out and get it
If you want him to make your heart sing out
And if you want him to only think of you...


Ever since the world began it's been that way
For man and woman were created to make love their destiny
Then why should true love be so complicated? Oh...

I know something about love. You gotta take it and
Show him what the world is made of, one kiss will prove it
If you want him to be always by your side
Take his hand tonight and swallow your foolish pride and.. 

not sure if i would advise my daughter to just go to her dream guy and swept his feet away by telling him how insanely in love she's falling for him... nope, i don't think i would tell her to do that..

being in love is always a great feelings...being in love with the perfect man for you of course is a wonderful blessing. now doubt, in relation, there'll be some moves we make that might hurt our significant others, there'll be vows we break without noticing, there'll be smiles we fake just to hide our true feelings, there'll be claims "nope, i'm fine" we stake though we know (and he knew too) and hope truth will prevail. well, after eleven years, i can't deny the facts. love is not always fairy-like ever-after sweet-charming-prince-kissing-you-every-night (and let you sleep in peace*wink wink*). but love is wonderful; the greatest wonder if you can find one true ones, but the greatest heartache, in nanoseconds, if you've been betrayed.. (okay, perhaps there's more great wonders such as getting the latest coach collection at no charge, straigt from the oven).

but then again, to find love, we have to find the right man to fall in love and to kindly return us the favour. for some lucky biatch, that man is just right next door.. but for some, they search high and low till the end of the world, and still searching.. some may lost hopes, some may keep on hoping.

thinking back, i might have regretted that i've made it easy for him to woo me. he lured me with fancy gifts, dinners, bouquets, and i was all over him. i may not tell him directly, but the first hint i gave him, he caught my falling star straight away. and i Thank God everytime i count my blessings for that. they said, 'easy come, easy go'.. alas, playing hard to get might not be the best option especially when time is not on your side.  

so, when we found love, and we are sure that is the funny thing they called love, no harm telling him.. you might not want to be in position to just let it go away and never come back.. of course you could console yourselves by telling you "it never meant to be".... what a waste :(

Friday, April 15, 2011

all the small things

cute sangat.. aimar dozed off at 7pm last night, and slept the whole night through. hence, that justified him fully awake at 5:45am this morning. he asked for milk, and watched the 612 channel. after a while, he came in the room, saw his book and just remembered that he did not started on his homework. he took the book and the pencilcase, and off to the table to complete his homework.. it was a cute soothing scenario to see early morning.. he's only three and a half years old, and he knew his responsibility.. i hope that will last, i pray hard..

every parent in the living earth believe their kids are smart. when my six-year-old told me "mama, did you know muhaimin is a genius?", i asked him to verify "your teacher told you that or muhaimin told you?".. and when he answered "muhaimin", i must admit i was a little bit relief.. i wish i could tell him "muhaimin is just pulling your leg and you are a genius too".. nothing wrong of thinking that our kids are among the smart ones. afterall, all kids were born the same, with the blessed brain.. it's the parents' responsibility to guide and nurture their own kids to ensure the brain is working in the best correct manner..for their own sake. 

once a while, i have grudges with my own community and races. i know i can't change how everything behaves. it runs in the blood. at least, i hope to see my kids to be change to the world. they would be the better person in the community, insyaallah.. and every parent should start to believe this is true. so, why don't we start by stop throwing rubbish off the window's car!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

heart rules!

my bff shared with me a story..i might have tell the story differently, to what my understanding is..
a story about a girl met a boy and fell madly deeply truly in love with the boy. from the story, i'm not sure if the boy felt the same, but, they were out and about, and was an item.

after quite sometimes, the boy started cheating on her. she could sense it, but was in denial. her bff saw with her own bare eyes he kissed a girl in a public dancefloor, and that girl wasn't she!of course her bff told her, and of course she hesitated..not that she didn't believe her bff, but she was blinded by love! he hated her bff, and axed her out. she still believed they were in love. of course, he never stopped cheating her.

her girlfriends warned her, endlessly. her bff lose hopes on her when it comes to love.

years after years, she left him. but, she knew, deep inside, it is him that she ever wanted.

to make things worst, she still keep in touch with don juan de marco.

last week, one of her girlfriend texted her. this bimbo, without doubts and regrets, told her "i actually been going out with your ex for the past one year"... to add the drama, the bimbo was one of her buddies that kept telling her that she has to let this casanova go and 'teach him a lesson well learnt!'. the bimbo decided to tell her, because .. "we've been together for a year, and i think he is cheating on me, and he is cheating on me with you"....

of course i just couldn't say an unthinkable beyond sane mind when my bff reach this part...

fact is, this girl always smitten by this romeo. we are sure he cheated at least four ladies at once, playing off the girls' hearts, and get all the perks of having be the man of the hour! blardy-big-bastard.. he deserved more than a swear! he shouldn't even bother to stay on living,  but he did! the girl, surely left heart-broken. like the others. 

we, girls, are sore losers for 'perfect' guy.. the guy that we've created the image in our mind, and we live through it. bestow with soft hearts, we are failures to love. some of us may get lucky.. some of us may find that perfect guy who is perfect for us.. some of us may somehow wake up and realized the guy next to us is not the one for us..some of us may never stop hoping..some of us may believe that love is always a myth.. some of us just clueless..

to that girl, that smart girl, i wish her the best. she knew what's right and what's best for her... she can ask everybody for opinions.. but at the end of the day, she knew, she would always has her final says. 


Monday, April 4, 2011

growing up

gosh, time flies! the first quarter of the year has gone, and what have i achieved?
the boys are off from school today. aidan had a terrible athma attacked and as for aimar, here's the story:
as usual, i will leave early for work, and their dad (when he's around) will takes care of the boys. this morning, as i reached the office, i couldn't get through neither my hubby nor my mum. my mum returned my call an hour after that, telling me the boys were not going to school today. i understand about aidan's, but aimar? my mum told me "he said he has flu"...for crying out loud, this is an answer a 63yo lady got from a 3 1/2 year old boy...he even told his gramps, if he were to go to school, it won't do any good to him as the class was fully air-conditioned! my,o,my.

i called up aidan's teacher today. had a long chat as we're a bit concerned on his reading. somehow, his teacher told me a contradictive feedback. yes, aidan is quite slow in picking up his readings, but he is still doing fine. he is one of the smart ones in the school. ok, every parents knew their kids are special in someways.. but also, realistically, i knew aidan is just an o-kay student.. but, listening to her teacher, i might be putting a high threshold for him.. his o-kay to me is among the best in his class.. his teacher told me, aidan is very selective.. he can switch on his trigger happy button whenever wherever, and i must agree with her. 

kids nowadays, their minds work wonder. my earliest memory of missing school was when i was thirteen, and though i was sick on that day, i was still scared to confront my dad when he reached home. and now, here i am, dealing with these kind of stories and my boys have not even reached ten yet! i wonder what makes them so 'special' and 'different' as compared to me growing up. i wonder if my parents thought i was way advance from them when i was a kid.

somehow, we have to accept the fact, it's a different generation. we will be there to nurture and guide, but the kids will lead their life. it's the metamorphosis of life!

as a mum, i pray hard enough for their happiness in life.