Friday, July 8, 2011


here's the plot:

four men - rich, handsome, near-purrfect, close buddies, own a successful business - one is the CEO, one is CFO, one deals with the marketing, and one can have any good post in the company!.. super-rich..o, i mentioned that..
the CEO has a beautiful girlfriend, who has an affair with the marketing guy, and the CFO knew. the CFO swindled the company's money, and the marketing guy knew, and so both of them betrayed the CEO and not that they agreed with the betrayals, but if one secret is out in the open, the other will burst too.. the CEO suspected another friend was having an affair with the girlfriend, though. 

now - turn the plot around - change the men, to ladies.. woo hoo... to add dramas, instead of affairs, the CEO is married and her husband cheated with the marketing babes and even practise polygamy. 

well, that's much more complicated and more drama for the telenovela slot in our local tv. 

it was fun watching annisa.. but, i just don't understand, how can the CEO can't 'catch' her husband is two-timing her, with her own bestfriend! and how could that bitch bestfriend betrayed her? and money may not buy happiness, but money can make you bold enough to kill others.

sometimes, i thought the drama is too typical malay drama.. but then again, i'm not surprised if this is based on true stories..of course the script has been dramatized!

real life, huh...

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