Thursday, August 11, 2011

picking up things

aimar: teacher mala bagi aimar 'sun' ari ni.
mama: sun? like sun sticker, ke?
aimar: no. teacher buka window and suruh aimar duduk tengok 'sun'.
mama: why?
aimar: because i am very good..

am definitely sure the teacher did that because he was so sleepy, most of the time, all the time :)

aidan: ma, did you know, daniel was pushing me during the que with his big tummy
mama: dia tak sengaja terlanggar kot..
aidan: no. dia memang saja. i saw him smiling after pushing me.

after the incident, daniel would definitely the most hated boy in school in his list

mama: i really don't know what can i do with aimar.. he's so naughty
aidan: lepas baby keluar, put him back in your tummy

ma yeen: my baby's name is no longer zara. i've changed it. aidan nak baby ma yeen nama apa?
aidan: ma yeen asik tukar nama je. tunggu je lah baby keluar, biar doktor yang bagi nama kat die.

aimar decided to throw tantrums and cried one morning and refused to go to school. that was the first time, and hearing the news made me mad. that afternoon, when my hub wanted to pick up aidan from school, aimar wanted to follow. he dressed up, decided to wear his school uniform!

as i was still mad at him, i still trying to figure out what's the best lesson to teach him. we've done enough pinching, and we've gone through the soft-talk method. i decided to go different approached - to reward aidan for going to school. so, i told aimar that i'm buying aidan new toys.

aimar: abg dan, mama nak beli toy untuk abang.
mama: aimar tak sedih ke for not getting any? mama beli for abang je.
aimar: tak, nanti aimar boleh share ngan abg dan bila die dah tak nak main.

he is challenging my parenting skill.

an advert in the TV did mentioned "Terengganu and Kelantan". aidan insisted it was "Terengganu and Kemaman". i tried corrected him, but he just wouldn't listen.

his aboh said "let him be".. and so, i will..

semangat kemamang betul

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