Monday, October 17, 2011

thank you

i turn 34 tomorrow.. well, i lost interest in celebrating birthdays when i turned the big three.. but of course i won't be refusing any gift.. damn if i do!

so far, i'm doing fine with my life.. of course, i guess as i get wiser, i need to put extra attention on my spiritual requirements.. been lacking and aware of the lacks since forever.. of course, when i was younger, i blame the devils for having succeed to control my mind.. but then again, i knew, it just me.. i just need reason.. i was equipped with good religious background, i just chose to ignore em.. and i really need to work harder than i used to.

as for me turning a year older, i guess i should be thankful with what i had. i am.. really..of course i wish i could be richer, slimmer, more beautiful, fairer, taller, smarter, and all a fairy tales could think of.but i definitely have to be thankful to what has been blessed on me..

i am blessed with smart boys of mine, and that liltle princess who've been sleeping most of the time really a blessing to all of us. my hubby, as much as there were times i was annoyed with him, i'm still thankful for having him as part of my life as my bestfriend, my soulmate, my partner, my lover, my atm cum banker, my life.. and best part is, this year, he has to be extra generous.. afterall, i went thru the nine-month pregnancy and labour, and he knew how to appreciate it. with the slimming sanctuary package and this ipad, i am thankful enough.

of course, am sure getting messages and wishes from my good mates and their prayers are enough for me to be thankful..

so, am i worried for the upcoming birthdays? i guess that won't be a prob...

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