Wednesday, December 28, 2011


my head's thumping and i'm nowhere near to doing work, with me going to be on leave for the next five days.. ok, that includes the long weekend, and i do not have any plan of going anywhere..but who knows if we would want to be somewhere tomorrow, after aidan's orientation.

yup, aidan is going for his orientation entering his primary school.. gosh, he's standard one la beb... am not getting any younger, huh!

my dear aidan, very reliable, by the book, unfriendly and doesn't care what people say about him - at least, he showed he didn't bother, but at the end of the day, he'll will only show mama that he actually cares! yup. that's my abadan. my special eldest son.

aimar - only one word describes him - charmer! he is. actually, he is spoilt. he bits people. he gives excuses when i asked him to take his shower. he cries out loud even after he hit his brother and his brother fight back. he jumps, he runs, he rolls anywhere everywhere. he's the sort that you don't want to bring to your house that is full with ornaments and nice decors. but then, when i was in my deep sleep (at least, that's what i showed him), he kissed me on my cheek. he called his aunt after not seeing his lil cousin for 24 hours. he looked for his gramps and ask 'how are you'. what a charmer, kan?

my one and only daughter is still exploring. she started to learn how to smile. we went to the pead last saturday. she was 57cm tall with 5.25kg (while iris was 61cm with 4.9kg - talking about sibling rivalry eh).. she pass motion once a week. she suckled.. nyot nyot nyot..her thumb becomes numb and she smell so masam! and she's mama's barbie.. always nice to have her around to play dress up :)

so, me -  mummy of three :)

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