Tuesday, December 20, 2011

who's the boss

aidan was watching tv and out of sudden he asked me, "mama, news tv3 tu apa die?what utama?".. "buletin utama. why did you ask?"... "boleh tak mama watch buletin utama dekat youtube on christmas day?".. and when i asked why, he simply told me "kitorang nak watch nickelodeon, ada christmas madness starting from 8?"

and i don't know how to respond. he's not requesting.. he's giving me suggestion, sweet suggestion, and how can i say no when he has all planned out .. and for a six years old.. i don't remember being such a smartie-pants! once upon a time, "NO means NO - no negotiation!"

aidan has learned how to pick his preference, he understands what has been advertised, he wanted to watch what he wanted to watch, he politely requesting if mama is okay to miss the prime time news and he even proposed for mama to watch it from the ipad.

he has all planned out!

he's going to be fine..

and..oh ya, have i told you that he's going to the primary school next year?

cepat kan.. i have a kid who goes to primary school already.. and it felt good to met a guy friend who besides asking "how are you?", he without hesitation "eh, bukan kau baru bersalin ke?".. that's a compliment - for mr hubby to be reminded of! :)

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