Thursday, March 15, 2012

just different?

as i stepped in the office today, a friend told me that i looked different. him being a normal cynical him, i threw back the question 'bad different or good different'.. he told me, 'good different'. then, another colleague drop by my workstation.. another look and remarks 'you look different'.. at the end of the day, five of them complimented me, and getting compliments for the girls definitely a boost of self-esteem!

compliments are always a feel-good enzyme. no matter how true and frank the complimentor would be, it's always can successfully cheer people up. i know i would. as we grow in time (chewah, a nicer way to say we are getting older la kan)..we get less and less compliment. my dear hubby used to compliments me whenever when we were madly in courting and dating phase. it gets less and less, and now we are married with three kids, most of the time the compliments would come naturally when he's sooo into admiring my body, if you get what i mean. of course, once a while, he will tell the boys 'mama looks like a celebrity'.. that's as far as he would go la kan.. nak cakap malu, i doubt it la kan.. but it's always make me feels good when i know he was watching me walking, or just when i noticed he was 'glimpsing' at me.. he may not say out loud, but allowing me to look good for him and myself, i know he complimented me enough. but once a while, tak salah to tell me off i look good.. once a while, that won't make me taking things for granted for not going to take care of myself.

as i walked from the lrt back to my office, i realized how i missed his verbal compliments to me. like today, when people complimented me, i wished he's around to give me the compliment himself.. mcm sedih lak.. and i just realized, it's human nature kan, bile dah dekat, gaduh, bila jauh rindu... aiiyyyoooo...

bang, i miss u!

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