Thursday, April 5, 2012

be the change you want to see?

what makes a person change? do people change?
to think and think again and think hard, people may say people change, but to me, i doubt that people change!

i was swept away with how romantic a person he was, my boyfriend. nope, he's not a sweet talker, but he was so creative when it comes to pull all this romantic stunt! he did not sleep just to get the handmade card ready the second i woke up in the morning. he picked stranger to just verified that he meant what he said (masa tu, takde video call, mms etc ni). he arranged weekend getaways. he posted the train ticket just because he missed me and couldn't come right away. and the list went on and on.. the advantages to have been courted in the UK was that beautiful things were not ridiculuously expensive and everything was so convinient!

then, we got married. he still bought stuff, cheap and expensive, for me. nope, i don't remember any handmade card, but once a while he could be as sweeter as he wanted. he delivered bouquets to the office. there was once he bought a bouquet of flower, a CD and a cereals.. just to prove a point. i can eat the cereal, listen to the CD and he wondered what will i do with the bouquet, but he just bought it for the sake of 'nak puaskan hati manje'.. so, he changed, huh?

i was clearing up my desk and saw a note "To: Manje, Happy bday sayang.. Really wish i can be there personally say that. Well.. in 22 days time I will. Love always. From: Abang" and i stare at the notes, long hard stare.

trust me, i doubt that people change. people don't change. we were born the way we are. it's just a matter of time, true colour will tend to show. and just a matter of time, it hides itself. we don't change.. we just have to keep reminding ourselves of how we used to be..

p/s: but to invest on mega bucks consultancy just end up changing the name while maintain the functionality is a total insult to intelligent! trust me! i know i'm right. 

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